Haohmaru capcom vs. snk2

please don’t get mad if i’m not supposed to post this here, but i can not find any info on haohmaru. maybe because he sucks? lol. but seriously, because he sucks?
it doesn’t matter, i love playing this dummy. but the only 100% knockdown combo i have are either jump ins to middle kick, or pokes to middle kick to his dragon punch (j.F, sFK, F DP etc.).
does anyone know if there are any forms or some videos of web pages on haohmaru?
thanks if you can help.

try gamefaqs.com buddy

thanks man, but that dude didn’t know too much about him. actually he sucked and complained a lot about him.

Yeah…that’s pretty much more than half of what the Gfaq population does, really…

Ratio 4 Haohmaru has a decent advantage against Blanka turtlers. Heavy Slashing, medium poke, crescent moon slashes…

normal haohmaru’s have advantage on blankas. turtle or no turtle. well, maybe i should keep with the decent. blanka’s that jock the roll or jump ins get defeated easy with him. its the slide, poke string fierce blanka that is a pain for me sometimes.

But, Blanka’s slide has sub par recovery. It only looks great to trap fireball executers. Ah, until I face alot of scrub blankas at the arcades and soon on the Xboxlive.:wink:

yeah thats going to be some funny shit xbox live. Very Sloppy players.

Anyone got any decent low hitting b&B with him? I got c.lk x2 or 3 -> c.lp which does shit damage.

Oh and short jump fierce is too good.

if your deep with the crouching shorts, combo into a jab, then off that his dragon punch. Or from crouching strong his double fireball super. Or from crouching forward his dragon punch. From his slide you can pop up and poke. Depending on the player, you can pop up from it and land his lv3 only if some one is not relitivly fast on sticking something out for retaliation.

C.Short -> S.Jab XX DP

As long as you’re close, this works fairly well. I used to use this to set-up Sakura-esque SJ.Forward cross-ups, also working in his throw.

There really isn’t much on Haohmaru because there really isn’t that much to him. A typical Haohmaru match goes like this:

You poke your opponent with long range attacks. If they can get in and rush your shit down, you die. If not, you win.

This is the same against every character. There’s not much finesse to playing Haohmaru.

I will say, that depending of what groove you pick, you get different options on what you can do. I would say that A and P grooves are the best for him. A groove because he actually gets to use his meter, and his customs do more damage than his supers. I also like having a roll, because it gives him a way around other opponents pokes that will beat his. Example: Eagle. Eagle tries to work the same type of game that you do, but if you can roll throw a long poke and throw him, you can stick to him and work his guard bar down until you get to hit a S.Fierce.

P groove is good because once again, after a parry you can use his meter. And you can put the fear of god into your opponent after you parry an attack and hit far S.Fierce. His far S.Fierce is like a level one super on it’s own.

Actually Fluffy, I find that K Groove works the best for him IMO. With Run and Short Jump, he can do alot of fucked up shit. Running up and poking with lp, short jump fierce - giving him the advantage of being able to be more aggressive lessens the vulnerability, i think, to being rushed down. On top of that, if you do get rushed down and get hit for it (or JD it) you get meter real quick to get them off of you. And NO ONE wants to fuck with a Haohmaru that has 35% attack bonus if he’s at ANY ratio, which is also a given advantage.

Also, a neat trick I do with him is poking with c.mk and buffering in a tornado or a tornado fake. After you do the tornado once, it’s so slow that it almost baits punishment the next time, and after the fake you can wait and have them whiff something and FREE LEVEL 1 SUPER them with stand fierce, reverse DP overhead them, short jump fierce into super, or do the buffer again just to fuck them up. Mind games.

i use him on n groove. but i use all my characters on n groove. his poking tactics work well relitivly up close. a run, a small jump, these help his slow ass out. the problem with k groove, is the turtleing people do when raged. but then people seem to turtle reardless. you know what i’m sayin’, i can’t play all 6 grooves. i found one that fits and i use the hell out of it.
His tornado’s snuff supers easily, ecspecialy pop up ones.

I really like hoamaru because I’ve had the best success with him against Blankas and Sagats. His standing forward kick (he throws a side kick out while stepping forward) is AWESOME anti-air. I’ve taken Blanka out of his j.RH nearly every time. It is true though that he losses to rushdown… once he’s in the corner he’s pretty much dead. Damn Cammy and Vega!!!

The trick I use, beyond normal poking games, is to try and get just in range of a nice big c.FP from my opponent then dash back out of the way, his backdash is short, but very fast, and if you can judge the distance you’ll be counter hitting s.FP a lot more.

Let them turlte, you can guard crush them with 2 standing fierces and a roundhouse or standing strong or two. Just don’t actually break the guard with fierce or you won’t be able to punish with the Slash of Doom. So take it to them and they’ll be running scares in no time.

There is a b.s. way to combo into his FP slash. PIck C-groove and do his uppercut super, and before he leaves the ground cancel into the fake fireball and then slash them as they’re falling. Lol it’s dumb but it’s just fun to do. I haven’t landed it on anyone in a match because I don’t play C-groove (or cvs2 in general really) but it does indeed work.

c groove feels to slow. makes me want to sigh and scratch my nuts a lot.

But good cancle though.

The standing fierce is bad ass. haohmaru is the character i move back and forth a lot. When people do super jumps, or small and regulars with big characters (geif,honda…), that mug hits everytime.
I use that fake fireball for the twich reaction, theres always a reaction. Most people jump.

(after reading gamefaqs.com cvs2 guides)

Has anybody else besides me noticed that whenever scrubby players talk about CvS2 characters, they always mention things like “unfortunately xxxx isn’t as strong as he/she was in xxxx game… blah blah”? What’s the point of saying Haohmaru was better in SS2 when the game is CvS2? (Both of those haoh faqs on gamefaqs are guilty of that unfortunately… lol).

Geez, somebody really needs to clean up that place in my opinion. Aside from Jchen’s systems faq, Gangringo’s (as annoying as he is in real life… j/k lol) Chun-li guide, and Rokiseph’s hilarious Todo faq, I haven’t found a useful thing on there about CvS2 yet. Aside from the numerous fan fics, fanboy background stories, and people telling stories about playing games with their friend Owen instead of actual strategy.

Anyway, sorry if this post has nothing to do with Haohmaru. I’m bored and felt like posting that’s all :stuck_out_tongue: .

no they complain a lot, thats about it. funny how people who probaly suck are writing strategy guides. man, you read that brady one for capcom vs. snk2? it was baaadddd.