Haohmaru's Red sword!


I want it badly, it look sooooo cool O_O! how do I get it? I can’t seems to change it even in color edit mode…

(I have the ps2 CVS2 )


its the 3k color(press all 3 k’s at the same time)…:confused:


ah…I try to do that but 3 K’s and 3 P’s buttom dosent work when I select it. It doesn’t do anything :frowning:

does the ps2 version have the red sword color?


try setting it as your color edit so all you gotta do is press start for it


I can’t press 3K in color edit mode

also, I do “default color” and I search all the available color form there, but never found it :frowning:


It doesnt actually show the red sword in the color edit, but the purple 3K one, thats it. Just do the 3K until you get it. YOu cannot actually color edit the sword, so you must use the 3k.


The problem is you’re pressing the 3k shortcut. You have to press all kick buttons yourself.


For some reason, I can’t do 3k…not the shortcut but the actual 3k. it end up giving the custom with Blue, brown and white sword…-_-. I think I’ve been given enough information. Maybe is my game that is screwed up. Ima try to figure it out by myself, thx for all the advice though :slight_smile:


Actually, its just hard to do 3p/3k colors on console, why idk, just is.


I dunno about you, but on DC you can skim through all the colors in edit mode without having to press 3K.:wink:


When you try to choose the color edit of Haoh’s 3k color you get the normal sword. This happens with all “accessories” like Cammy’s cape, Bison’s cape, Geese’s, and so on.