Happ 360 + Wireless a bad idea?

OK, so what I want to do is switch out the PCB of a MASS stick with a wireless logitech ps2 pad. Does the Logitech pad have a solder point for the extra voltage? Will the 360 tear through battery life? I’ve already been told these pads don’t lag but can anyone confirm?

If this is already in the pad hacking thread or somewhere else just close this and link it up, I couldn’t find it with search function though. Thanks.

Ok I’ve tested the pad and there is no lag. BUT:

Can a wireless pad handle the higher voltage needed by a Sanwa Flash or Happ p360, and if so where is the solder point?

I have searched extensively and this has not been covered in the tech talk forum.

grab a multimeter dood and get to hunting

I don’t have a multi meter nor have any idea how to use one. If anybody can help me out on this I’d be happy to post my results in the pad hacking thread so the question doesn’t need to be asked again.

What if I used something like this to provide the +5 volts to the p360?

I could easy take out the current battery leads and solder the red / black leads off this into the PCB, theoretically getting 5V to the p360.

The question is, will this increased voltage through the entire circuit destroy the PCB over time? If any electronics wiz knows or has ideas about placing resistors, I would much appreciate it…