HAPP Actuator Issues

Apologies in advance if a thread about this exists already. I heard somewhere about the square actuator on newer happ joysticks making it harder to hit diagonals. I have a newer MAS and have found it difficult to pull off diagonals in certain situations like in 3rd strike doing Ken’s low forward to jab shoryuken. Just curious if there is anything that can be done to correct this issue without ordering new parts.

get an IL Eurostick. The good Happ Comps were just rebranded IL Eurojoysticks. The newer, horrible ones are just fucking Eurostick knockoffs made in China. Happ sucks, IL rocks. Go with IL.

Or you can just order an IL pivot+actuator from Lizard Lick. It’s under the Happ Competition spare parts section, like it says all of those parts are IL parts.