Happ Boxes


Just wanted to let some of you all know that i’m going back home from thursay-suday. Going to make a couple of sticks for some local friends…Just curious if anyone out there would want a custom happ box…painted or blank… Sorry no sanwas right now…Just throwing it out there…if anyone is interested hit me up.


how much


I also want to know how much and the style. Located in CA


they’ll run 35 shipped…to your specs and wood filled and sanded very smooth. if you want it all painted it will run a bit more


Pm Sent!


i would like one if u can post some pics of it, please send me a pm^^


No sanwas : (


Chainz makes good stuff, I can vouch for that. Mark me down for a couple happ boxes.


This thread is kinda old. I asked for several boxes and at first I got some communication with him but then it just suddenly stopped.



I too would like a box or two