Happ Boxes

I’m making some happ boxes right now for some of my buddies. If anyone wants just the happ case alone without paint…just the box alone hit me up…thats all i have time to do this weekend…I’m just going to be producing some cases alone…don’t have time to paint and all that…anyone want a case hit me up…it will have american layout and plexi glass with the holes drilled…So hit me up on AIM or send me a pm…asap if possible…peace out

any pics ?? I need a MAS Super pro stick clone!!!

Here are some pix…but i don’t have time to paint and do all that extra stuff…Just plain old boxes

how much? shipping from where? if i pay in advance can i get a smaller box?

I will be shipping from Kingsville, Texas 78363…Each case including plexiglass and all holes drilled with rubber bottoms is 35plus shipping…cases come very fine sanded with holes wood filled and sanded as well.

Sweet! They look great.

I used to have that same craftsman table saw!

haha yeah its a great table saw.i got a router and all that good shit…i’m visiting my hometown this weekend…its all my old stuff i couldn’t take with me to school…so i’m trying to make some cash…mwahaha…for fishing…lol…but yeah i’m hoping to make a shit load this weekend.

Just bumping to see if anyone else is interested…sold 3 already…i have more time to make more tomorrow…Sat…so if anyone is interested hit me up asap

welcome back!

Thanks man…great to be back…i miss making this shiat…lol…but yeah i’m visiting home and doin work…where i live now i just fix sticks…mainly replacing parts and what not…i really can’t build anything…but hey i still whoop ass in mvc2…mwahah…oh well thanks again…trying to help out the commut…peace

PM Sent

I Live in Chile, how much will the shipping cost??
Just for one case

well i’m just about done with 4 happ cases…they are 13.5X11x3 inches…all i have to do is drill the holes on top and put the plexi glass…so if anyone is interested hit me up with a pm…they will be done tomorrow then i go back to my other home and i’ll ship them from there…

i’m really looking forward to buy you one of these boxes… please PM me with shipping details

Any updates? Still waiting to pay, unless I get mine for free. :wonder: j/k Get in touch with me.

Here are the pix of some of the boxes if anyone is interested…right now i’m doing one with plexi glass…the holes have not been drilled yet for the others…if anyone is interested in one let me know asap…these can be ready to go asap…all the measurements are the same 13.5X10.5X3.5…they’re made for american parts. Here are some pix

See David Cadena See David Cadena See David Cadena

What are like…the prices for these. and yes, i wouldnt mind a mas clone case.lol

they are stated above…but right now i’m busy as fuck…so i actually would not mind if someone bought the cases without the plexi…takes more time…but the prices are 35+shipping with the plexi…and without the plexi i will sell them for 30 plus shipping…but it will include holes drilled and minor shit filled and sanded…school and trying to finish these are a pain…

Chainz I still want mine. PM me or email me with your paypal.

Well if you can give me a week…ill buy one :sweat:

Will you have the box routed so that i could mount my base.