Happ buttons


so i got used to the light pressing of the jpn buttons but now i have an american stick with happ buttons that are so hard to press is there any way to make the buttons lighter to press or some other buttons i can buy that are lighter that will fit my joystick still


Hmmm… that seems to be a complaint of the happ buttons. They are crazy long to fit through thick control panels but aren’t as sensitive as sanwa or seimitsu. How thick is the control panel the buttons are going in?


try crown buttons, they are like a mix of both jpn and american and should fit happ button holes. or try micro-leaf microswitches instead on groovygamegear. i am using the former and it suits my needs, but if you choose the latter let me know how it goes cause i want to try them.


its a mas stick but im going to try to order some of those crown buttons is there a good site for them


gamingnow or etokki


I suggest the crown screw-in/snap in ones. The ones that are snap in only need a certain control panel depth, while the ones that are snap and screw in are more versatile. You need spacers if you are going to have a panel less then 1/4 inch.



Ghetto and less ghetto.

I tried the first link on a few microswitches. It made the Happ buttons feel like Sanwas. It’s an easy mod once you get the hang of opening the microswitches. I felt ghetto inserting paper into a switch so I ended up taking it out. Those leaf switches are supposed to be good but they exceed the cost of a crown button. :looney:


You could always take the spring out. The micro switches are strong enough to make the button pop back up.


I believe Happ Convex Competition buttons are suppose to be more responsive and require less effort to engage the switch.

I personally prefer the way the concave ones look.


Looks like RandyT over at GroovyGameGear.com has released a new product he developed from the ground up.

Introducing the revolutionary new CLASSXTM Arcade Pushbutton by GroovyGameGear. A year in the making and designed by us from the ground up to be the ultimate in comfort, performance and versatility, the CLASSX pushbutton offers features never before seen on any pushbuttons to date.


* Smooth, Precise Operation - No gaps between the plunger and the switch actuator provides fast, positive action.
* Unique 2-piece design - Universal switch holder accepts Standard Micros, Micro-Leaf-style and even True Leaf switches!
* Twist and Click switch assembly attachment allows for simpler installations.  Wire switches outside the panel and simply snap them into place.
* Improved Fingertip Retention -  The CLASSXTM CONCAVE pushbutton strikes a perfect compromise between the early leaf buttons and the modern, flatter style.
* Better Light Distribution (Illuminated versions only) -  Redesigned plunger geometry allows more light to reach the bezel for better overall illumination.
* Improved Appearance - The CLASSXTM pushbutton sits slightly higher and sports a more rounded bezel to enhance the overall control panel appearance.
* Super Durable Materials - With basic care, the CLASSXTM pushbutton is designed to last a lifetime.
* Groovy Micro Standard - The standard microswitch shipped with the CLASSXTM pushbutton is the new Groovy Micro.  The smoothest, lightest action pushbutton switch ever offered, and made especially to our demanding specifications.

The CLASSXTM pushbutton design will be the standard design for all of GroovyGameGear’s higher end pushbuttons offerings. We will shortly be stocking several different colors for the NovaGem line, and plans are to offer some new styles down the road a bit.

Thanks for looking, and once again a big thank you to everyone who supports GroovyGameGear with their purchases. This was a very expensive project that couldn’t have been done without you. I hope everyone enjoys having the new option available.

Just say him make this post today on the BYOAC forum and not on his site yet but looks neat.


Interesting. I used the NovaGem buttons on my most recent project and that turned out great. I imagine the mounting depth for these to be a bit of a pain. I can see cutting the leaf spring holder off.