Happ Comp Vs IL Eurostick Comp


I was wondering why some people prefer the IL over the Happ? In looking at the two it seems to me that the Happ would be the superior product. The black actuator that the Happ uses is both larger and stiffer than the IL actuator which gives you a more positive press on the switch than the IL which has a smaller and somewhat flexible actuator.

I believe that most that have an issue with the Happ joysticks circular feel. If you are using the a hole for the happ comp that you previously sized for an IL then the happ will not feel as good as the IL because the hole is largely suited to the IL’s increased throw. With the Happ you can decrease the throw by using a smaller hole and this is where you benefit by having a larger actuator.

A Happ comp is like doing the JLF Ultimate Mod to your IL joystick imo.


Are Happ Competition and IL Joystick Parts Interchangable?

The IL actuator already hits the edges of the switches, meaning it loses some of its circular-ness and starts to become a square. I had to modify mine a bit to get it working right, a bigger actuator would’ve been a nightmare to try to make work right.


Do you slide the joystick along the edges of the hole in the panel? The joystick starts feeling squared if the circular movement is too wide. Wide circular movements press the switch to the point where you hit the edge of the switch casing giving you the square feeling.

Technically a joystick only has to move enough to press the switch. If you have a hole small enough you can have a smooth circular motion just large enough to engage all the switches without getting the square feel. Of course too small of a *circle and it makes it harder to engage two switches / hit diagnols.


Evil samurai could you please respond to this?

Based on what Evil said I requested an IL. But there’s still time to change. I’m wondering if I should now.


It’s not a difference big enough to change an order. We’re only talking about 1-2 millimeters. You can wrap some electrical tape around the actuator if you want a smaller throw. If you’re going for a colored joystick stick with the IL since you get the cool colored dust washer with it.

This is just a discussion on the differences between the two and to bring out what makes one person prefer one over the other. If you already placed an order no need to change it.


I honestly can’t notice a difference between an IL and a regular Competition joystick.

They both feel exactly the same (Quality wise in the long run may be a different story between the two)

However R3LLIK you bring up a good point of how the joystick’s hole can change the throw on the Happ. Maybe some people who preferred the IL over the Competition played on a bigger hole on the Completion?


Evil said the comp is now made in china and like so many other things that come from there, is garbage. That’s why I should get an IL.


Older competition sticks were actually rebranded IL sticks, so anyone used to the old competition will more than likely prefer an IL over the new HAPP stuff.


IL sticks are very very crisp when compared to the new Happ sticks, which feel like shit. The old Happ and the IL sticks are both very good. I am biased though, since I played on Happs for years and when the new ones came out I was severely disappointed.


Yes, not necessarily a bigger hole but a hole larger than what was needed. I have had to make holes smaller on some panels so the joystick feels better.

Both Happ and IL use cherry switches. The only difference is the actuator and the color of the dust washer.

Incidentally I have noticed that the inside of some of the Ultimate joysticks are different than others. Some have a large smooth hole that the joystick goes through while other have what looks like a large hole that was made by making 4 other holes. Kind of like this.


I don’t know how true this is for anyone else as I only have an Old Style competition stick and very rarely get to play on an IL. However, I found that the IL had a square feeling to it whereas the Old Style Competition felt like a circle. It wasn’t to the point of a Japanese stick but was definitely noticeable. While I know that the Old Style Competitions were just rebranded IL sticks, I find that they definitely feel a little different.


Maybe I got a bad batch or something, but I ordered a couple of Happ Comps a while back and had an absolute hell of a time (and not in a good way) just getting the stick in and out of the actuator. Then, even when I did get it in there, it was so tight that the actuator rotated with the stick, which of course just sucked. I just said “screw it”, bought a couple of iL Eurosticks, and didn’t have a single problem with assembling it. It even rotated freely on the shaft.


Do you know what the the IL that you played on was installed in? What is your current stick installed in? The old competition and the IL competition are the same stick just different switches.

What was the difference in the way they played or felt? I understand assembling might have been difficult but unless you are constantly changing joysticks the actual feel while playing is the deciding factor for most. Of course a loose actuator might make it feel like it rotates easier which would be a contributing factor to how good it feels. Did you have any playing experience with them? If you do have playing experience with them would you know what the difference in the way they felt was?


R3LL1K: The IL was in a custom and the Old Style Comp. was in a SF:AE stick.


The IL in the custom could have had a hole that was causing too far of a throw on the stick. Was the stick in the SF AE replaced with a Comp? The SF AE Stick from Nuby didn’t use Happ parts. Thanks for helping me with this info btw.


Yeah I modded the SF:AE myself and as for the custom, its been a year since I played on that stick so I really can’t get into too much detail about that one.


Well, as you know R3LL1K, I just finished building my first stick and used a happ comp. I don’t have any complaints. Maybe if it was a tad stiffer, but that’s just a personal preference.

My next stick will probably be a jap stick just to try something new. But since I grew up on happ, that’s what I’m dialed into at the moment.


This thread is important o me for whenever I consider an iL. Thanks for the info.


You can buy a heavy spring from lizardlick for the competition joystick. One thing I like about Japanese sticks is that there is no guessing on the hole for the joystick as the throw and motion is automatically set by the restrictor. Happ joysticks which don’t have a restrictor, the hole for the joystick is what determines the throw as well as the feeling of the joystick and pretty much acts as a restrictor.

If Happs / IL’s had a restrictor which was dialed in for the optimum throw distance and movement It would take out a lot of the guessing game in using them and provide better results across the board for everyone using them.

I’m going to try to dial in an install for Happ Comps as well as trying to see if the actuator can’t be tweaked a little. I’ll be sure to post my results.


Don’t do this. I bought one to go with my iL stick. Once I finally got it installed (not fun)it was nearly impossible to move the stick.

I ended up swapping my spring with the Biao Lian from the stock SFAC stick. It’s just a hair stiffer but it feels better IMHO.