Happ Competition Joystick in X arcade Solo Stick not efficient

After a lot of what I read on various websites including this one I decided to fork out £18 for a Happ competition joystick and replace the xarcade stock joystick in my Solo stick. After I did this I have found there is no real difference between the xarcade stock joystick i was using and the Happ competition joystick I had replaced it with apart from a different type of clicking sound which comes from the micro switches. I have found the happ joystick to be sloppy, inefficient and definitely frustrating when Im playing street fighter on mame. I even went down to the local arcade just to see if I was losing my touch but all combos and special attacks came out perfectly on the arcade machine. So is the Happ competition over rated?

Not really, you may just not like it. The old ones are much nicer though.

What I would do, is ask one of the arcade technicians what joystick they use in their cabinets and purchase one of those since you seem pleased with it.

The technician only comes if there is a fault in the machine, so its very unlikely i’l be seeing him anytime soon, I suppose it could be an IL Eurostick since there aint many other bat top joystick manufacturers but i refuse to spend any more money on this stick, it has been a pain ever since I bought it 3 years ago

The x-arcade uses a knock off of the Happ “Super” joystick. I own a “dual” and I can tell you after replacing the included sticks with IL Euro’s, it made a world of difference, except for the fact that the x-arcade uses a shitty PCB which will still interfere with precise movements even if you have the golden joystick of gods installed in it.

The Happ Competition you bought is likely a newer one from post-merger Happ, which by most accounts on this forum, is indeed “overrated” or at least not “as good as the old ones.”

Give the joystick a twist. If it resists the motion after a slight twist, it’s probably the square actuator of an IL stick working here. If not, it’ll probably be one of the older Happs, since the newer ones aren’t exactly the same.

In either, case, I’d go for the IL, since it still has real cherry switches. If you want a Happ, my first recommendation would be swapping out the switches, and possibly cutting the spring a bit to make it lighter, like a bit more “used” Happ stick. Easy Happ Light Spring Mod

Would it be wirth it to replace the pcb? Im in the same situation with a twin stick.

It all depends if you like the stick/button layout. If you like the layout, then absolutely replace the PCB to something at least PS3/PC-based so you can get away from shitty keyboard emulation that the X-Arcade PCB has, but keep in mind, you may want to go with TWO separate PCB’s instead of one “Two-Player” PCB’s, which means space can get kind of tight inside the case.

I opted to use the X-Arcade Dual as a “experiment” stick, that I can mod/destroy to hell without feeling too bad about it and to build a more proper 2p stick (with MUCH more distance between the players) for the one I actually play with. All the X-Arcade parts (Happ Knockoffs) can be used to play around with, and would be sufficient if you’re playing like… the Simpsons Arcade game or something along that line (non-fighting MAME stuff).