Happ competition squeaking?

I just recently noticed my modded RedOctane started squeaking. Usually with the right and left but now it’s starting with all the other directions. Is this normal? Or is it something to worry about?

Post a pic of the underside of the Competition. You may have one of the shitty Happ-made ones. If so, then you should simply buy a new Competition made by Industrias-Lorenzo (iL) from ponyboy on the Shoryuken trading outlet. Happ simply distributed Industrias-Lorenzo’s EuroJoystick with Tear Drop handle in the US as the Competition joystick. Recently, Happ decided to make their own stick at a factory in China. In comparison with the original Spanish made joysticks, the new ones suck. Fortunately for you, Happ did not buy iL as they did with Wico so the Competition is not ruined like the Perfect 360. Happ sucks, iL rocks.

Exactly what I was going to say. I stopped buying Comps from Happ because of this. One easy way I have been able to tell is if the Actuator is White or black. The black ones are usually the crap.

yeah but sometimes Happ will put the iL actuator on the Happ base. Then when you rotate it, the stick will feel almost like it has a half-square, half octagonal gate like some kind of fucked up sanwa. If I where to get someone to build me an American-style stick, I would just ask them to order an iL Comp from Ponyboy so I would be completely sure the base and the actuator were iL not Happ.

is happ good for anything anymore?

not really. I am suprised they haven’t fucked up the buttons yet. Not that it matters since Sanwa buttons feel (and sound) so much better. no hate on Happ buttons though as those things can take a beating. Sanwa buttons don’t last long in the face of little kids or marvel. I actually like happ buttons more so than Seimitsu snap ins, which seem to be trying to rape my fingers no homo.

the durability of happ parts is what attracts me to them, since i play marvel as my main. but honestly, i perform better on sanwa parts because the sensitivity is better.

Sanwa stick or just buttons? When I play Marvel with my HRAP2, the JLF feels weird compared to a Happ Comp/P360. JLF is better for everything else (except shmups and 4-way games. They feel even worse than Marvel on a JLF.)

just the buttons. i prefer a happ super or a p360 with medium spring and japanese buttons.

a super? That suprised me.

the one that i used to have worked REALLY well. i could ffly, tk photon array, and i never missed a teleport. my team clockwork was really good on that stick. it lacked a bit when i swtiched a p360

Are you sure it wasn’t some Wico stick or something with a balltop that looked like the Super’s?

somebody told me that it was a happ super stick put into a wico p360 base, and another told me that it was a happ super, unmodified. so it might be the super in a wico (just like the mvc2 cabinets at chinatown fair nyc)

Supers use microswitches so if it clicked it was a super. If it did not click, then it was probably the wico 360 base and that is why it worked so well.

I’m wondering but are Wico 360 joysticks rare to find? since Happ makes them now.

wico 360s are very rare.

In my opinion the super is the best stick happ has made. I prefer it over the competition or the p360 any day

I got a custom happ stick last year, the joystick works fine but doing Mag’s inf. is hard as hell stupid diagonals not working right ><. I thought it was because of the p360 not getting enough power from the ps1 pcb, but Toodles told me that all converters you use with the exception of the gamecube one gives you a constant +5v. Time to switch out the p360 for a comp /sigh. There go the old days of playing marvel on a micro switch less joystick.

I purchased my Competition stick from Golden Tee online or some place like that. So I didn’t purchase mine directly from Happ. Does Lizard Lick sell an accurate Competition stick? I’ve been buying from sellers who can take money orders, I have no credit card. ;-; But probably I’ll replace it with a Sanwa JLW

Here’s the under shot of my Competition:

Looks like you got the crap new one. I did too. :sad:

Here’s what we wish we bought:

From the Happ FAQ thread
" fixed easily by sanding down the exterior of the microswitches (the white casing, not the red button thing) and by replacing the too large black actuator with the white/clearish looking smaller one that was made by IL"

The white acutator is fifty cents from Lizard Lick.