Happ Competition stick has difficulty moving in certain directions

I have a comp. happ stick in an SFAC box. The stick itself is fairly new. However I noticed that when the stick is twisted, and then pushed in a certain direction, the stick is really difficult to move and makes a clunking noise. It is like something is preventing it from having a normal throw. This happens when you spin the stick, which is often since that is the nature of fighting games. I have noticed it in other comp sticks, but is very apparent in my stick for some reason.

Any help/input would be appreciated.


I have this problem too sometimes. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the solution but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the spring and the plastic piece that holds it in place. Try taking it out and seeing if there is anything wrong with it.

There are two slots you can put the e-clip into; one on the very bottom of the shaft, and the other about 1/2" up from there. You can press the actuator up hard and use the higher one, but for non-metal tops, you want to use the slot on the very bottom. Also make sure the whole actuator/spring/shaft assembly is put together like the exploded view on the Happ’s site has. If you put the spacer in the wrong place, it’ll act all sorts of fucked up.

Thanks for the quick replies. I assumed the stick came assembled, but I will go back and look at the diagrams to make sure everything is how it should be.