Happ competition stick in a Madcatz SE?

Has anyone tried to modify the Madcatz SFIV SE fight stick so as to accommodate a Happ Competition joystick? Really the only thing I want to know is:
A. Does it fit?
B. Do I have to make new holes in the stick for mounting purposes?

I’ve already got the concave iL short pushbuttons in there and working. I just need the Happ stick to get it feeling like the old school. I’m not so much concerned about the wiring as I am about whether or not I can actually get the Happ stick inside the box and mount it.

Again - I’m sure this has been covered elsewhere on this board, but until the search or Google points me to it, I don’t have the time to read 2,000 to 3,000 pages worth of material looking for usable content.

It’s way too tall. A Google search would have lead you to this thread:


The thread is for a TE stick, but the height is roughly the same, so yeah, wouldn’t work. Thank you.
Otherwise, a little more Google search tweaking lead me to “SE Happ site:shroyuken.com”.
This gave me this page: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=203530
Infinitely useful thread. My Google searching skills could use some improvements in efficiency.