Happ Competition Sticks Double Clicking

I recently got some Happ Comps which I installed no problem. I found that some directions on the sticks double clicked instead of single clicking. At first I thought it was the micro switches, so I spoke to the guy and he sent me replacements. I’ve just put my new switches in and they’re still double clicking. They don’t do it when I press them. Is this common? What is it actually causing the double clicking? And how can I put it right?

Does it just make a click sound twice, or does it register as tapping down twice?

Well, it just clicks twice, but it’s hella anoying. It only happens on certain directions, not all of them. No it doesn’t register twice.

yeah, I think that might be the way the bottom of the sticks work with the microswitch lever thing. like it may be pushing one, and brushing up against another or something, not positive, but I don’t think there is a way to get rid of that noise. I’ve heard of people filling the case with foam to insulate for dampening noise, though. Sorry, that isn’t very useful advice.

What I think it is is that the spring is clicking against something. If you look at the spring it’s open at the end. The end of the spring is catching on something and causing this other clicking noise. This bugged me at first too til I found out what it was.

I’ve had a look and their seems to be little manufacturing marks on the accutor, I think that might be the problem, but I’m not sure. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for your response final_cut

up, down, left, right should all “single click”, diagonals should “double-click” since they actually are pressing 2 switches. this is normal.

No, no, 3 out of 4 neutral directions double click. In a sense if I hit diagonals it’d quadrouple click.

strange, i would open it up and check whether or not there’s a wire blocking something, or maybe if something is loose

isn’t it supposed to double click?
there are two sounds per press: one when you press the microswitch, and another when you release it.

No, I think I’ve figured out what it is. There are manufacturing marks on the accutor where the microswitch hits it. Once the microswitch has been “clicked” the manufacturing mark is slipping of the button and is causing a second click. I think I’m gona have to take it apart and put some sand paper to it or something to smoothen it out.

You should get a super, i’ve heard there better and have more of a circluar feel to them.

I’m interested in knowing what the manufacturer mark is. I have one of these sticks in a custom of mine, but I admit that I have never really examined it.

Supers feel awful. Competition Pros or P360’s are the only choice if you’re a Happ lover.

final _cut is right, where is this “manufacturers mark” ? i too, hear double clicking which is more than likely standard however, when i move the diagonal towards the down-left position, it sounds as if it’s clicking once but in reality if you do it slowly, u can hear it click twice. i don’t think it should affect gameplay though but then again, i don’t know.

Hmm, I’ll take it apart later on today and try and take a pic. It’s a web cam like, so it won’t be the best quality but I’ll give it a shot.

Actually supers are standard in american arcades so they don’t suck obviously.

I think its kinda subjective, I’ve heard all kinds of arguments about every stick.

Oh good, so it wasn’t just me. My Happ Competition stick double clicks too whenever I hit right. Not really noticeable during gameplay but I thought someone had sent me a defective stick when I first tried it. If I move the stick halfway, it’ll click once. If I move it all the way, it’ll click again.

Yeah, exactly, that’s it. Do me a favour and check the accutor for manufacturing marks, like little nicks of plastic. It’s the only thing I can think that’s causing it.