Happ Convex Buttons in Mad Catz SF4 SE FightStick?


Anybody have Happ buttons in their SF4 Standard Edition FightStick? Was thinking about getting them, but wondering if they would fit… Also, can anybody suggest a vendor to buy from?

I know people will suggest Sanwa and Seimitsu, but I really want Happ because I love the clicky-ness of them.

Thanks for the help!


Happ buttons wont fit because its too tall…Do you like to use a 6 or 8 button setup?


There is upchuck who put Happ Buttons into his Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick?.

People been asking him how he do.
But he not answer. :sad:
You can try your luck with him through Private Message.

There was also this little Thread.

Happ Pushbuttons in TE Stick
Help me mod my sticks :)
Street Fighter IV SE Fighstick Mod Question
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Thanks for the response guys :slight_smile:

@azianmixx I use 6 buttons, but the Mad Catz Fightstick is 8 buttons.


Oh yes, forgot about this.


are iL buttons clicky?


iL and HAPP are pretty much the same thing, so probably!


okie dokie thanks :slight_smile:


That’s from upchuck. He filled me in on how he did his mod. I hope this helps everybody. I tried the mod myself, and it’s not the prettiest thing ever, but it gets the job done.


So will a iL/Happ stick fit in a TE?


Thank you for the update on how upchuck did his thing xix6xix.
Guess the cool way is to do what kowal said.


I think ShinJN covered that in his TE [media=youtube]WJx92C65vBk&feature=related"[/media]. iL/Happ sticks WILL NOT fit unless you do some heavy modding (I think he starts going over that at the 3:20 mark).


Kinda stupid that S-kill lied about American parts fitting in the TE without any mods. That’s the reason I bought mine…


I would get some mdf and extend the base. Basically take the bottom plate and trace it over the mdf and also the plate screw holes. then cut out a square hole in the center of the mdf to accomodate the buttons and paint it black.

If you wanted a IL Comp in there then I would replace the top plate with art hongs plexi and driil to that.


Yeah, it would definitely look better in my opinion, but upchuck’s way got the job done, and it feels fine.


would it help cutting the buttons down? I mean do you need that much thread on that small panel.


Hey, guys. Sorry about not responding to other people’s questions. I wasn’t aware anyone was interested until I got a PM from xix6xix.

xix6xix already posted my advice so I’ll just say this: Putting Happs into your SE is actually pretty painless. A little snip here, a little crimping there… pop those suckers in! Your stick will be left looking a little janky, but I’d prefer comfort(love those concaves) over aesthetics any day.


S-Kill never said anything about that…


When did Seth say that?


If Im not wrong the pushbuttons in the photo are concave, theyre shorter so it fits… The convex are taller.