Happ Done With Cherry Microswitches?

This isn’t cool. I guess I’ll be buying iL buttons as well now:


Sorry if this is a re-post. I searched and didn’t see it mentioned.

Wooohohohow, that’s big news! I have a really hard time believing this “E” brand will be as good as Cherry was/is. Happ has been going further and further downhill for years now. :sad:

How ironc that I was surfing craigslist and came across tornado terrys. I’m going to go pick up his Happ set. Here was my post 8 min before yours.


Damn, I love my Cherry switches in my IIDX controller. Any reason for this?

Yeah, I was going to reply to your thread but this needed its own post. I’m in TX, saw Dallas in the title and and went to check out the site.

I’m sure its more cost cutting BS like them gimping the Eurostick.

Happ is done with Cherry? Well I’m done with Happ.

I’ve been using iL since the comp stick changed. Buttons too.

HAPP, you’ve let us down :frowning:

micron microswitches anyone

wonder if this will force all of the buttons suppliers to now seperate the happ iL inventory. i recall always getting mixed buttons that said suzo/happ or iL on them.

Now I’m going to just want iL. Seems like buying i’m not buying american anymore. Its more like I’d be really buying chinese.

You would hope so, they make it seem like you wouldn’t notice the difference some some supliers might not even bother…


Does anyone know these switches are they any good???

I recently bought a trio of Happ joysticks and a bunch of buttons, they all work great, but I’ll have to check. I do not recall seeing what switches they were, but all the buttons were definitely Cherry. If the competition joysticks I got have the new switches, so far so good. I will verify.

Eh i dunno about that. Its just a switch afterall fellas, not much involved in the operation, and thus kinda hard to screw it up.

For example X-Arcade buttons use these surprisingly nice cherry switch KOs, that function well. Only question there is lifespan really.

I figure if X-arcade guys can put together something that solid, Happ can easily do a little better.

Overall, meh nothing to worry about here.

Well, guess I won’t be selling the Cherry’s I have now; I’ll just hold onto them in the unlikely event one of mine wears out.

X-arcade switches are way stiffer than cherry switches. There’s a world of difference. They’re also louder. I would bet that the X-arcade switches last longer though, but that’s no matter to me since cherries last practically indefinitely for an arcade stick’s lifetime.

how did i miss this? damn that is big news

You know, although I understand the fact that Happ is preferred since they’re local, isn’t it still possible (at least for us on SRK) to get Cherry Microswitches from other outlets like say ponyboy or am I missing something here? I mean, it’s not like Cherry Microswitches aren’t going to be produced anymore, is it?

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