HAPP Edition of Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick, anyone have pictures?

I searched through every single post of the SFAC stick thread and nobody seems to have claimed to actually have purchased the HAPP edition of this stick. I read rumors of it being sold online only from Nubytech’s website but nobody seems to know the original price and have modded the regular version if they wanted HAPP parts. My question is for anybody who actually has the HAPP edition of the stick and kept it stock:

-Do you have any pictures of it you can post?
-Is there any exterior/cosmetic or artistic differences to the cardboard box it came in compared to the regular edition?

  • Are there any differences in art, font, labeling or construction of the actual Happ Edition SFAC stick compared to the regular?

The only person I can think of who might be able to answer this is MarkMan but I’m hoping other people can chime in if they still own the stick too.

well the official site for it is/was: http://www.streetfightercontroller.com/

it is still on there, but the only picture of it isn’t clear enough to see if there is a visual difference

Correct. One of the reasons I started this thread. The link takes you to a broken Paypal page for Nuby.

The story I was told was that the employees made a few of these on the side. It comes up often but I don’t think more than a handful of these exist.

Wow. So, Markman…do you have the elusive Happ edition or not?

this is quite the suprise thread… i have both versions, i’ll post picks soon. There’s really no difference with the art. The bottom of the stick has double the space (cord storage).
The buttons LOOK just like the original, but they do respond like happ (I ordered happ buttons to modd the other stick)

he’s posted before that he has a couple

Yes, the ones I have, did NOT ship in the 15th anniversary box btw. That was the only difference really. I never bothered to open one up because I never planned on swapping out the Happ parts anyway.

guAsp, was yours in the brown box too? Or did you have the 15th box? I don’t think they ever had them in the 15th anniversary boxes.

Awesome! Please do post some pics. I assume the Happ buttons look similar but must be thinner than the thick, crappy stock buttons of the regular edition?

As I stated, I searched this forum thoroughly before starting this thread so please don’t hang me just yet if I missed a post by MarkMan that says he did have the Happ Edition. I wanted some definitive answers and pictures specifically related to the HAPP edition.

Damn! A brown box? You pay more for a premium edition and all Nuby could do was put it in a brown box? It’ll be interesting to know if guAsp got his in a better box…Oh, also, how much was retail on the HAPP Edition compared to the MSRP of $59.99 for the regular?

actually I got it in a same 15th anniv box, didn’t include the poster.
Havn’t had time to post picks yet, but soon (tomorrow).

I’ll include pics of the sticks and the boxes.

^^ Thanks! Please try to take good , up-close ones of any differences.

Happ edition






Left is the Happ

Cord storage (Left Happ)

The Box is identical except for the poster difference, the material used to hold the stick inside the box is styrofoam for the original, and the happ uses a sponge.

It’s been established that there are different versions of the stock retail stick but I don’t think from those pictures that those are Happ parts. Meh I could be wrong though.

like i said the buttons look just like the original but perform like happ, the stick is also much more responsive.

if the pic are right then i score SFAC Happ edition from ebay last month for 40 usd dollars. niceeeeeeeeeeee:wonder::lovin::lol:

also i found pics of the inside of the cases of the 2.

haha i was just letting you know so you didn’t have to search. i don’t think that i could find it if i tried.

omg rofl. i just bought this off a guy after i saw a craigslist listing for $50. its the happ edition ahahah sweet. now i gotta get it modded or get an adapter so i can use it on ps3.

besides coming with better buttons and a more responsive stick, is there any other difference? will i still need to hack the pcb or something to get it to work with ps3? sorry im newb, i just learned about the sfac today before i went to pick it up after discovering it was a steal.

A good adapter for PS2 > PS3 is the Inpin, you can find them on the trade outlet.

after doing some research i found that i have the 8v version which is incompatible with all adapters except the cables4pc one which is unfortunately no longer listed on ebay.

does anyone know which particular happ joystick the happ edition comes with? after looking at the picture listed in this thread and comparing to the picture on arcadestickmonk’s tutorial (http://srktt.com/sfac) it looks like the happ ultimate but i could be wrong. anyone?

so im assuming since we already have the happ edition we dont need to swap for new parts?

[edit]: actually now that im double checking it COULD be the competition stick…im not too sure…