HAPP Edition of Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick, anyone have pictures?

An option for you is to wire it to a cthulhu board if you just plan on using it on a PS3 or a MC cthulhu to play on other consoles as well.

ok if i go the cthulhu route would i keep the pcb in there as well or completely take all that out and use the cthulhu board? i ask this because im not exactly sure if this is the way it works but i would have the usb for the cthulhu to ps3/pc and the stock cables: xbox and ps2 off the stock pcb for the older consoles. is this possible or will i just be swapping the stock pcb for the cthulhu?

hey my friend has the SFAC and it has the same cord and memory card layout as the HAPP stick one but it doesnt use happ parts at all we believe the buttons and stick are chinese.

anyone know if they made the the SFAC with the second (happ edition) layout but with knockoff parts

If you want to use the MC Cthulhu, then yes you can use the PS2/Xbox cord with it and replace the stock PCB.

Alternatively, I’m selling my 3.5v PCB + Cord/Wiring Harnesses from a SFAC mod I did a few months ago for $20 in the Trading Outlet. The 3.5v is the most compatible with converters.

okay i think its important for people to know since i just learned this from Kazujiro. the only way to tell if your sfac is the happ edition is to open it up and look for the cherry microswitches on the buttons.

i had all the same features such as the oval surround on the xbox port, gief had hair, giant compartment, etc. but once i opened it up i found the buttons had this crown drawing on them but alternatively, my stick appeared to be happ except that they had 4 metal slaps surrounding the microswitches around the middle of the stick so that when the stick moved around it would click.