Happ / iL Cases for those on a budget

There’s this guy on ebay named acencha that makes blank cases for happ or IL products for HELLA cheap.

I promised i recommend him, and what better place to do that is on here right?

Here’s his ebay page:

he has a couple blank cases already up for auction but just ask him what you want and he’ll make it REAL FAST.

He does any and every layout known to man, again, just ask him what you want and he’ll do it.

His price range is between $20 - $40 a case.

I got 2 cases from him for 20 bucks each and they’re SOLID! I’ve just completed a stick out of 1 of the 2 cases i bought from him. Once both sticks are made ill post them in the “I love my Custom Arcade Stick” thread.

Damn, that is cheap. Here’s a link to one for $35 shipped.

Meh, Ill just post it now.

not bad for 20 bucks if i say so myself.

I saw these last night too. That’s pretty cheap. I’ll have to retire my shoebox stick for that price.

I sent him a PM on eBay. That’s a good idea since he advertised one at $20 shipped.

PMed him for 2… Nice find. What do you think the best way to add a bottom is? Glue some studs in then fiber board?

He replied to my eBay PM. I looked up his profile and he was looking at this thread. Too bad he’s an 09’er. Said he could do $25 shipped for a straight box.

That’s me :), thanks for the recommendation.

I would be interested if you can add some kind of plexi on the top?

this is really nice! could he not fit a third button on the side? is there enough room under the stick for a 360 pcb? a 360 retro arcade pcb?

Hello, at the moment I can’t as I don’t have any designs for it yet.