Happ/IL push buttons


I was wondering if there was a way to place Happ/IL buttons into the SE/TE fightsticks - Thing is, I like the japanese sticks, but hate the sanwa/seimitsu buttons, as they are too soft and sensitive. I always liked the click of happ/IL. Are there any jap buttons that are similar to american style? any suggestions?


Yes there is a way. But it requires ALOT of modding of the TE case as well as a custom top panel.

You could try the Gamefinger HBSF-30 buttons, make sure you use Black MX cherry switches.


Oh, well you are in luck my dear OP friend. These should be guaranteed to work in SE cases. TE case you will need to cut out the stupid button holes within the case (I never understood the purpose of them…) but once you do it should be tall enough.


^^ I was just going to post about that.

I know you can also use the Paradise Arcade Shop universal mounting plate to mount on an iL stick, but I think the shaft is too long so in order to get it in a TE you’d have to remove some of the plastic in the interior. @armi0024 can verify this.


thanks fellas - appreciate the help! Seems like modding the SE is a bit easier, so I’ll stick with that. I like the SE’s better anyway for some reason. Thanks again!


PS - For Cthulhu’s sake, please don’t get Happs. Get iL buttons. Happs have been garbage since they started getting buttons made in China instead of from iL.




that green looks awesome, but the plunger diameter worries me. Anyone knows the dimensions of the plunger(button top) is it the same size as seimitsu or smaller?


You’re best off asking specific questions on those buttons in the [Paradise Arcade Shop](Paradise Arcade Shop, LED Joysticks, Buttons, Mods and more thread here on SRK but if you’re asking if the buttons will fit in a metal panel intended for JP sticks then yes they will. On the flip side, if you have a metal panel intended for US/EU parts and you want to put in JP buttons, the holes need to be widened by a mm or two.


are you referring to the pcb? once i hooked everything up with the happ stick + buttons, my cthulhu died on me after about 10 minutes. now i have to solder a ps1 cord to see if it’s the screw terminals only that malfunctioned.


No, he’s just using “for Cthulhu’s sake” as an expression. This has nothing to do with the board itself.


The plungers have less surface area than Sanwa and Seimitsu. It’s actually not that bad, I played on competitions a long time ago and loved them. FYI the surface area is about 22 mm +/- .2 mm.


d3v is right, I was using it as an expression, as in place of “God”.

The issue you may have experienced with a Cthulhu board has nothing to do with what type of joystick is being used no matter the brand. Sounds like a wiring issue and may be good for photos and details in here:
Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!