Happ/iL what do they fit in? Specific cases?

Like the title says i was wondering what cases can fit Happ/iL parts in them easily. Im not looking for custom made wood cases but normal production cases. I dont like the feel of wood so that is the only reason im not looking into wood cases.

There is nothing I know of that fits your description. Nobody makes non wood cases for Happ/iL.

X arcade is made of wood
Nuby Tech Street Fighter stick is made of wood
Pelican is made of wood.

Your only alternatives is to mod a HRAP with a custom happ metal panel from blklightning21. But even then I’m not sure the HRAP is tall enough.

Long story short, there is no production cases (non wood) that fits Happs (by default).
Requiring a metal top panel replacement, Hori Real Arcade Pro and Mad Catz TE (with serious modding to both the joystick and case) can fit a Happ’s joystick.
Hrap can (barely) fit Happs style buttons while a TE is pretty much a no go.

Blk Lighting (and I forgot who else) got a Happs joystick to fit in a Hrap and a TE.
Oh and you forgot Pdp’s MK [S]shit[/S] stick

There is case makers on SRK Tech talk that do custom plastic cases and metal cases.

I put Happ buttons and a Stick in my PS2 Pelican Real Arcade. I had to solder them in there but I didn’t have to cut anything. Works great. Does that count? I like that case. There’s a ton of space in there. It was decent for only 35 bucks on e-bay and the original PCB for it is tiny. I used it to make a mini PS2 stick and I don’t much like the old PDP stuff but it still works really good.

Happ parts will fit in the Pelican Real Arcarde, but it’s wood though. I know because I replaced the bootleg Happ parts with the real deal, and trimmed the awkward shape down to a more reasonable size.

Right, it’s wood. But if you can get passed that… It’s got a big case and is nice for projects. I can’t think of any plastic made cases that would fit a Happ. Even the anniversary edition Street Fighter case is wood. That fits a Happ, too, though. Again… wood. I’ll keep an eye out, though!

iL buttons will fit in a madcatz TE but you need to cut away the plastic below the control panel which will block the microswitches. The Saulabi 4K will fit the buttons only, there is a thread here where someone put the buttons in easily. HRAP will fit the buttons with no mods to the case from what I hear. All plastic style cases.

Technically though, these still do count as mass production cases. So if the OPs willing to drop the wood bit, they can use these.

If you want a happ in a mass produced stick Then the best may be one of the hraps. One of the people who have bought my panels has told me they got it to fit ito the case without modification. I am not too sure which hrap it was because i know it wont fit in the one i have and i dont know which one mine is because i bought it second hand. if you want it in the TE then you can easily do so without modifications to the stick or case with one of my panels but without any modication to the stick it wont be at the correct height. to get it at the correct height you need to modify the shaft of the stick. With the hori v3 sa i am not too sure yet because it looks like it may have just a little more room in the case to mess with, I will know soon tho. It may be in the same boat as the te where it will fit with no mod to the stick but at the incorrect height

I know the older body style Hrap 2, 3 and EX would work because the depth thats under the panel, but you have to be smart on the PCB placement if you are not using the stick PCB. Perhaps project box the PCB and connect the stick to the project box via DB 25 and a Male to female DB 25 printer cable.

thank you for all the replies but it seems like there isnt a case that will fit the joystick and buttons? from what u guys told me maybe a hrap might be able to fit both with some modifications right? sorry im being so picky about the no wood thing but for some reason it bothers me

As you can see Mufasa2 got happ buttons to fit into a te by modifying the middle plastic layer.

and i myself got a happ stick to fit into a TE by modifying the actual happ itself See Here

So it is completely doable in even a TE if that is what you have which most people do, however i do believe that it is easier to modify the hraps with happ parts because they are not so clogged with the plastic parts on the inside like the TE is.