Happ joystick in madcatz se (brawlstick)?

I an new and will be using it to play UMVC3. I am looking to get as close to the feel of the american arcade that I played MVC2 on.From what I have read happ will give me that feel I want to know if I can put a happ joystick in a wwe brawlstick my understanding is that it is the same as sf4 stick madcatz put out. If it can be done how hard is it? Is it plug and play like sawn or do I have to solder? Which model would be best for the feel I am looking for? Also I ordered a seimitsu ls-58 w/ octagon plate on impulse is this any good for what I am trying to do? If not it can be returned. Thanks !

Nope. Not without some heavy modification.


Is the Seimitsu LS-58 any good for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom or should I have gotten the Sanwa. The brawlstick I have is made with sawn knock off parts or bye sawn and not labeled or something like that I think. Figured since I don’t like the slop or dead space in it seimitsu might suite me better any opinions?

An LS-32 with a JLW spring and a round gate.

An LS-40 has an even shorter throw but they do not offer a true circular gate for it.