Happ Joystick with MvC TE FightStick


I just got my TE fightstick, and Im looking for that perfect 360 movement on my joystick, as well as bat handle, as thats what ive always been used to playing in arcades in NY. I cannot use this default square gate sanwa stick efficiently enough even after much practice, especially as im primarily a shoto player, and also the regular 360 pad thumb joystick is 360 and im very used to it.

I need to know which Happ stick exactly should i purchase for this feel. Im looking at the first 3 options on this page:

Lizard Lick Joysticks

Im not sure exactly though which is the one i need to replicate that exact arcade feel im used to and also, will they all be compatible inside of my TE? is the installation quick and simple?

Will i be good buying just the stick as i see it on the site? Or do i have to buy another piece to make it fully compatible with the TE?

Any advice on this issue is very much appreciated. Thanks


You’re really better off buying a custom case. Getting a happ stick to fit in a TE case is going to require a ton of work, if it’s even possible.

As for which stick to use, get either a happ competition or an iL competition.

My real advice though, get used to the square gate JLF. It’s simply superior hardware. I used to play on old Happs too. If I can make the transition, no reason you can’t.


hmm i dont know. I cannot stand this square gate 4 the life of me. Ive been trying long enough and im still not satisfied. Ive seen some bat handles on TEs on this board before. If they werent happ, then which ones were they? I absolutely need to have that 360 circle gate feel. There must be some sort of reasonable solution.


How long is long enough? It takes most people a few weeks to make the transition. How much are you practicing really?

Regardless, you can buy a bat top attachment for the JLF (the stick in the TE). That’s probably what you’re seeing. There is no round gate for the JLF. Just square and octo. Another option is to switch to a seimitsu LS32, which is round, but still feels really different than a happ. I personally hate them, but a lot of people like them.


Get one of these from eczangief if you want.


Don’t even bother trying to put Happ parts into a TE. I can almost guarentee its a mod far out of your league.

What I can reccommend is buying a Semitsu LS-56 stick with an octo gate. That’ll be pretty close to a Happ stick. I think you can put a bat top on it, but im not too sure.


thanks JDm and JigglyNorris, ill explore these options and see if any of them bear fruit 4 me at all.


I use to be a big fan of American joysticks too until i switched. The octo on the LS-56 gives an extremely short throw and a very notchy gate, i wouldn’t recommend it if you’re comfortable with Happs. An LS-32-01 with circle gate and Bat top will feel like a more natural transition than the LS-56 will.


People hate to hear this, but you’re almost always better spending your time practicing than modding.

In the end, it’s up to you though.


I suggest a LS-32-01 and a circle gate, a Sanwa Battop with a thread adaptor as well. It is more pain free swap.

If you feel up to hacking the harness, you can get a JLW-UM-8 and a Sanwa JLW circle gate, and smaller mounting plate. It feels more like a Happ but requires certain tools to install.


What I recommend is to get a octagonal gate and a bat top (w/ bat top adapter) for your sanwa stick. It is very easy to do.


This is exactly what I did. It gave me that same feel. Add the spring, change the gate (octo or circle), and then add the bat-top.


Agreed. It’s a bit more work, but I think the JLW with a circle gate and bat top will probably be the closest in feel to what you’re looking for. I’m actually building a MvC custom stick for my buddy using that setup. Playing back to back with my happ custom, they’re pretty close. It won’t be a straight drop in, but ot won’t be that hard to do either.


I’m in the process of doing this. I’m using the iL 8-Way Eurojoystick. I’m sure it will be a pain in the ass, but with all the comments you’ve gotten on not doing this mod i’m even more motivated now… :wink: i’ll post results and mebbe even take photos and do a write up if its not too “advanced”…



So yeah I probably shoulda looked up the technical specs on the dimensions FIRST, but sometimes just diving into a project is more interesting… anyhow you can see by the photo below what the main problem is. The Happ / iL stick is just too damn long for the TE case. Wiring and mounting issues aside (i was actually able to get the mounting plate to line up enough to use some spacers and washers for securing), I really don’t feel like extending the overall case depth or using it without the bottom attached! :wink:

I’ve already placed an order with eczangief (http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=221901) for his custom circle gate, and plan on using a multi spring setup to achieve a more “happ-like” feel with the JLF stick… :wonder:

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Um yeah this picture is why we say the Happ is too big for a TE. Should have went with the JLW-UM-8 and circle gate.


Sanwa controls are superior to happ, one reason being the square gate. Play long enough and you’ll get used to it.

Especially being a shoto player, SRK motions flow like butter on a square gate. Almost like training wheels, the shape of the square practically guide you to the diagonals. Accuracy!


I have A pair of eczangief’s circle gate with JLF dual spring mod & bat top installed in my Agetecs (MvC 1&2 on DC FTW!). I have to say it feels pretty close to my Happ Comps. only difference if the stick itself is shorter.


The closest thing to a Happ/iL stick in a compact form factor is clearly a Fanta or similar. Good luck finding a way to mount one in a sanwa-oriented case, though.


i was going to get a JLW-UM-8 to replace the stick that i have in my te but is it really better than just adding a spring? i added an extra spring in my current stick and it just doesn’t compare to the Happ/iL that i tried before.