Happ Modded Street Fighter Ann. Stick

Okay, someone broke in my car last weekend and cleaned me out so…unfortunately, I’m selling this:

SFAE Stick with Happ stick and buttons w/ box, poster and instruction book great condition!

Take $115 shipped or best offer

Also, selling:

Hard to find, boxed with paperwork, Hori Command Stick

Take $60 shipped

Both of these stick are in immaculate condition and boxed with original inserts…

I am also selling one of these:


ASCII FT2 CVS2 Pad SNK vers. Boxed w/ cards. Good condition.

Make me an offer including shipping

I accept Money orders only right now. Send me a
PM if interested.:wonder:

how much for the sf stick and both pads, and hold em for me.

PM responded. I’m only selling one of the pads, btw.

SFAE Stick and ASCII Pad on hold for V4MPIRO

PM replied to, jeenyus1!

Hey do you have the bottom part SFAE stick? Would you be willing to sell that separately?

Could you take a pic of the back of the SFA stick please?

Minus the two command buttons the layout looks better than the FS3. Why did they change it? (command Stick)