Happ modding a Tekken 5 stick

I’ve searched around, and I’ve seen that it “can” be done, and apparently poon and markr have done it. I would just like to know if anybody can give me a little direction into what I will need to do. I’m not totally lost with this stuff, but some help would be appreciated.
From what I saw, I’ll have to dremel the mounting plate from the tekken 5 stick off. Do I drill the four holes from the top and mount the happ stick that way?

Just take a wrench and yank off the tabs. Mark out your drill points, then countersink the holes and you should be golden. I used a masonry bit to countersink mine.

Ok, sounds good, I’ll try that out.

you don’t have to remove the flange - point in fact, i think you should keep it so as to maintain the proper stick height.

there is a (photo-less) t5 tutorial in the essential sticky thread
i have posted a blog with a few pic’s walking through my t5 mod

just do some more searching. this question gets asked every 2 wks it seems. there is plenty of content out there to help you out.

As long at you have the Metal spacer that came with the HAPP competition stick you can rip off the mounting tabs mount it strait to the metal plate with the same height as normal.

if you use a Happ… which is hardly a given in this forum.

The thread title says it all. What other American style joystick would you use if not HAPP?

haha. whoops. i re-read the post several times to see if he mentioned Happ - but never looked at the title. and when i did look at the title, my brain unconsciously replaced “happ” with “help.” until you pointed it out - i honestly had no idea.

but aren’t Happ sticks meant to mount under 1/2~3/4" wood? to apply it directly onto thin metal stock means the stick height is slightly higher than ideal. why not just mod the T5’s flange as opposed to remove it?

There are 2 spacers that usually comes inside the baggie that the joystick comes in. Its for mounting on a metal panel.

And as for modding the flanges, the only way i could think of that happening is JB welding and extra plate large enough mount the HAPP stick to the tabs. It’s really superfluous seeing how you can just rip them off and not have to worry about the extra work mounting it for wood depth.

OK, thanks, that help alot. I can just use the spacers that are included so it doesn’t sit to high. Thanks for the help.

no prob Steve, post pics when your done so we can check out the work. Happy Modding! :tup:

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