Happ Momentary contact buttons

What are these buttons good for? The item description states that they are small, they look like sanwa buttons to me.


What the hell?I am sitting with my sanwa catalog in front of me and I am looking at OBSN-24 (yes, there is such a thing) and it looks exactly like it! Although the measurements are a little different but one thing is that the orange nut on it is exactly the one on the sanwa obsn-24 button!

Edit: It is in all the colors that the Sanwa OBSN-24 has also (red, green, blue, orange and yellow). What the hell is going on…

I’m not sure, but does this make the buttons smaller than the happ comps? I guess I’ll look into it myself. I just assumed it meant ‘shorter’. they are called ‘momentary contact’, I was thinking that it is a button that is more sensitive than the average happ, to compete with sanwa.

24mm panel mountings so these are like the sanwa start buttons. They even have the same type of microswitch so I guess they are exactly the same. Well, maybe not exactly…

$1.80 each is almost half of what others charge, anyone willing to try them out?

But it looks exactly the same as a sanwa obsn-24 button. If it is not sanwa they are stealing from sanwa (those basterds!!! :D).

edit: the green and yellow looks off, not like sanwa.

Well, if I’m not mistaken, the buttons we all use normally are continuous contact (or something of that nature). As long as the button is pressed, the circuit is closed, and the signal is being continuously sent. For instance, in SF, you can activate a special move by either pressing or releasing the button. With momentary contact, I think you would lose the ability to continue holding the button and then release for special/super activation.

Well not to seem like an expert on the subject but don’t all clones including seimitsu buttons look exactly like sanwa? Of course, there is the exception of the same color nut screw thing but they are selling these buttons for less than sanwa themselves sells them.

yeah, I wasn’t sure if thats what that meant, thats why I asked. My daughter has really small hands, so I was looking for smaller buttons for making a controller for her and I found these.

Sanwabuttons are momentary.

“Both styles that MAS offers are HAPP buttons. The concave have stiffer springs taking more effort to mash. However, if your heavy handed or a brutal button masher then they would be the better choice. The convex have a little lighter spring and a little shorter push for quicker response and a lighter hand. Now the Japanese convex buttons take very little pressure and have almost to quick of response after they’re worn in. They are for very light handed players. They have no separate spring like the HAPPs buttons. They are just the button and the microswitch. Theres almost no click feel to them. HAPPS offers a button utilizing this switch. Its called a momentary contact switch. HAPPs only offers the smaller start buttons like whats used on the NEO Candy Cabinets. What type of button you choose depends on how heavy handed you are and how brutal on the buttons you are. I’m light handed and like to exert very little hand motion so I like the Japanese buttons.”

There is significant differenses between sanwa and seimitsu buttons. Nut, feeling, contruction, different switch et.c, but I have never EVER seen this HAPP button before and it looks like it is 100% knockoff (or 100% Sanwa).

Would these happ immitations fit in the same button slots as say a mas. If so i’ll give it a try.

Sanwa switch (sw-68) info:
??:DC12V 100mA


Happ switch info:
12vdc 0.1A, 5v 10mA

Exactly the same. So, the switch seem to look like and BE the same. Hmmm…

These are start/select buttons, they are only 24mm in diameter.

So, then, what is the difference (if you know)? I’m just trying to get a grasp on the difference, for my own knowledge. :slight_smile:

These buttons are sanwa start buttons, they even say sanwa on them IIRC i have some yellow ones in my house somewhere, I asked my HAPP rep if that meant that they were going to carry other buttons and he didn’t know. Since this was a year or so ago, i guess they didn’t plan to expand on that idea.

Momentan= shuts/switches under the time the button is pressed down and will go to it`s origin when you let it go.

Say whaaaaaaat? Why they selling sanwastuff lol!

happ has been selling these for quite some time now, I guess IL doesnt make a button in such a size so they outsourced one that could fit the bill!

I got a couple of red ones from them over a year ago; yeah, they’re authentic 24mm sanwa screwins.

Can you guys link these Happ/Sanwa buttons, from Happ’s site?

I put a link in the original post.

Does anyone know if these will fit into an Agetec case without me having to widen the holes? Looks pretty spiffy, I think I’m going to order some.

Also, how large is the surface of the actual area you press compaired to an actual Happ Comp button?

Edit: Nevermind, I just measured the wholes, and it appears the buttons are way too small?

My bad…long day. :stuck_out_tongue: