Happ only for 2D games?

The only time I’ve ever heard of people using Happ parts are in 2d game such as SF2, SF3, and MvC2. Does anyone use Happ sticks for 3d games as well? Also, is it true that they’re less sensitive than Jap. sticks? My arcade gots a Sanwa and I have a hard time hitting diagonals and it just feels really sensitive. I don’t know if it’s the stick or me though because I really haven’t given it a chance after I lost two or three dollars to scrubs. After that I’d just plug in my PS2 controller on the side.

Well it is really personal opinion. Some ma like the feel for Jap sticks and Other really prefer the American HAPP parts. What stick do you have BTW?

By no means are Happs exclusive to 2D. I’ve seen happs used for 3-D fighters plenty of times.

wtf how do u have a hard time hitting diagonals on a sanwa stick they have either square or octagonal gates in them making it rediculously easy to hit diagonals

if you can’t hit diagonals with japanese sticks you need to stop playing on stick or quit fighters.

Ouch my pride. If only there were such a thing as lag free play, then I’d gladly try and prove my skillz to you guys. Anyways, like I said, I never gave the Sanwa stick at my arcade much of a chance, and everyone has to get used to a stick if they didn’t start on one (Too young when ST came out in arcades and I started Tekken on a pad). However when I went on vacation to California, I played at the arcades out there and didn’t have a problem with their sticks. I’ve no idea what kind of sticks they were though, but I think I remember a lollipop top, so must’ve been Japanese. I just really want to try a Happ stick before I make my decision.

So anyways, at least someone answered my question by telling me that people have used Happ’s for 3D fighters also. What kind of gate does Happ sticks have?

no gate at all…wtf. You might wanna check out one of the sites that sell those parts. Happ dont use gates. No need too, nor would it look right.

read this thread instead of askin naive questions


The arcades in california all use Sanwa sticks so that’s probably why you liked it. All sanwa sticks (unless they are flash) have a square/oct bottom that makes it rediculessly easy to do diagonals, hence why people use them for fighters.

Another reason (especially for VF) is that it’s easier to do double diagonals and more precise f, b or df,f or f,db motions.

Happ can be played fine for 3D but you just need to get the “feel” for where the diagonals are because it has a circular gate. I like Happ’s smoothness sometimes cause it allows me to dash cancel more effectively however stuff like Dragon Lance Combo or double diagonals can be ifffy. Also if you must get an Happ for 3d get a switched competition stick and NOT A FREAKING PERFECT 360, 360s are garbage for 3D.

Yea, p360’s will not help at all in a 3d fighter. Considering the stiffness, you would have problems side steppin as well as other stuff.

I personally like Fantas for 3D games but you can use whatever you want for them. But seriously how can you not hit diagonals when there is a notch in the gate for them?

I honestly think it has something to do with my arcade’s sanwa cause I NEVER have trouble hitting diagonlas anywhere else.