HAPP or IL stick in a SFIV-SE Controller

So I’ve modded my friend’s SE controller with Sanwa buttons and a JLF, but for some reason, he’s not taking a liking to the JLF like I have. I let him try one of my Semitsu sticks, and he liked it a little better, but loved my friend’s HAPP stick. He recently asked me if it were possible to add a HAPP or IL stick to the SFIV SE Controller, so I told him I’d ask here first. If I remember correctly, HAPP/IL sticks are significantly deeper, and may hit the bottom of the case, which means I need to extend the case if I plan on modding it. Also, isn’t there a site that sells mounting plates that work for HAPP, Sanwa, and Semitsu? That might help with the instillation issues. Let me know, thanks guys.

Those stick cases are designed for Japanese parts which are much smaller, thus require much less room to operate comfortably. American sticks and their honkin’ massive parts simply will not fit without a lot of modding done.

You might have to drill into the metal top plate to mount the the iL into the SE. I really suggest you get him a JLW-UM8 with a round gate instead.

I have custom made joystick with both HAPP and Sanwa. The HAPP stick is significantly larger then a Sanwa, and the mounting placement are pretty much completely different. I do not think you can simply change it. Clearance and mounting will both be a concern.

I too suggest replacing the string into a heavier one for the JLW and give him a round gate. At least that will narrow down whether being round gate might be the reason he likes it better.

I looked up the JLW. Does it have a much stronger spring in it than the JLF?

Yep much stiffer. Stiffer than any other Japanese stick. Almost as stiff as a Happ.

Dunno about almost as stiff as a HAPP, but it will do. You can always swap the spring for something else. I found a spring from a R/C car shock does the trick, almost too well

I’m not very familiar with R/C cars but I do have a hobby shop right around the corner from where I work. Do you think any shock will do the trick? Or do I have to be more specific in make/model of shock?

I too have question similar but in reverse a bit. I have a arcade cab with Happ sticks but I would like to use a Sanwa stick but still retain a Happ’ish feel. Is the JLW-UM8 really that close in size and feel? and if it is different, how different is it?

Just take your usual Sanwa or Semitsu stick, put a battop on it, an extra tough spring such as mentioned earlier with the JLW, and a get a round gate.

Voila! Now its PLENTY close enough to being like a Happ.

…the sad thing is, in the process of doing this you will have effectively NEUTERED what was originally a fine stick. Taking away all the positives/benefits that make them so much preferred over their American counterparts.

The mounting plate for the JLW and teh happ match up, so it should be a pretty simple swap. With the circle gate, it is close.

As for the R/C spring, it depends on what your shop sells. I had a spring set from one of my old Ofna nitro race cars that was very close to the dimension of the original spring. Best bet if you’re going that route is to take the spring with you and find something close. You probably don’t need the stiffest spring they have, and you may have to cut the spring down a bit for fit or tension

I think the whole ‘neutering’ thing can be looked at in two ways. Yes, the stick is perfectly fine as it was designed, and any alteration tales away from that. But, the stick may need to be altered to suit the individual’s needs. It could be a space problem. If you have a slim custom case, you’re not going to fit a happ in there (like the SE), and you may prefer (or at least are used to) that tight feel it gives you. We customize everything else, why not customize the stick to meet your individual needs?

Not saying it’s right, but not saying it’s wrong.

kool thanks for the input spenzalii

Sorry to sound preachy or close-minded, but after a LIFETIME of playing on Happ sticks, including building several of my own, it only took a measly two hours or so of playing on a custom Sanwa to completely convert me.

27 years on Happ Vs two hours on Sanwa. Let that sink in.

The japanese really know what they are doing in regards to comfort and accuracy. Battops are NOT ergonomic at all, the “lightest” of Happ’s toughass springs make fast & precise movements needlessly harder than they’d ever have to be, and you really have to put in some FULL-ARM torque in order to do anything! Overall i feel like i’m Arm-Wrestling with the damn stick rather than playing on it.

And the Square gate just makes all the motions like SRK’s flow like butter! Rarely can a good player miss them.

In my opinion any Happ player that has touched a Sanwa and didn’t like it, just didn’t stick with it long enough to give it a chance.

Continuing to play on a Happ Competition Vs a Sanwa JLF(or Semitzu), is like choosing caveman tools to do a job rather than using today’s tech.

Ok sorry for ranting :sweat:

To all that, I say - to each his own

Have you considered a Seimitsu LS-56 with octo gate?

many people have used the word “heavenly” to describe this stick. it’s very tight and has a stiff spring. and you don’t have to push it as far as a JLF. (shorter throw and engage)

i recently ordered LS-56 with octo gate and bat top to replicate the American stick feel. It has not arrived in the mail yet so i can not comment on how it feels. perhaps someone with this setup can comment?

if you get an LS-56 you will need the MS mounting plate as well for SE stick