Happ p360 for xbox 360?

is it possible to wire a happ p360 onto an xbox 360 pcb? doesn’t have to be an official 360 pad, i’m just wondering if it’s possible before i drop the dough for a 360.

yeah u just wire the stick to the red/black on the usb cord. its 3.3v i believe.

you’ll still need like, an extra AA battery attached to it though. Stupid P360 burning shit out like a mofo.

eh really? didnt know that…

it would probably be smarted just to do a 4battery pack then… with a on/off switch and such…

Yeah, that’s what I did. You have to be from 4.75 - 5.25v of power to it. Batteries are 1.5, so the math wont work. 3.3+1.5=4.8, so you’re in the clear.

Reason DC’s get the blue controller thing, and why DC ports burn out is because of 360s. Fuck those sticks.

So wait… I’m curious too. I haven’t wired up my stick yet but I had asked in the padhacking thread if anything special needed to be done in order to make the p360 stick work with an xbox 360 PCB.

I posted the following and got the response from Toodles.

But you guys are saying to link it to a battery instead? Slightly confused.

the pcbs are capable of it.

no matter what though, figure out the voltage and get it as close to 5v as possible.