Happ P360 issue

I just installed a new p360 and I ran into a problem. The spring catches when I push the stick left or up after pushing in the opposite directions. After it catches I can rotate the stick around and it stays smooth but as soon as I push right then push left it catches again. I unscrewed the round piece attached to the bottom of the stick and can see the piece on top of the spring jerk to the side when I move the stick.

I tried rotating the spring 180 degrees to see it the problem reverses itself but the catching stayed on the same side. I took the stick completely apart again and made sure that I put it back together the right way, I tried to loosen the screws on the bottom to relieve some tension and the problem still exists. I even took the spring from a Happ Comp stick to see what happens and the catch was gone but the spring isn’t strong enough to leave in. I’ve searched through all the resources I could think of so if this is a common problem and I somehow overlooked it please point me in the right direction to solve this.