Happ,Sanwa or seimitsu

wich one is the best for this game?

Why do people ask what stick is best for them? It’s all personal preference.

Whatever your arcade/3s machine uses. I prefer Happ.

its all up to your personal taste.

play on both kinds of sticks and decide for yourself, but don’t just use ONE type of stick, try variants from the same company, for instance, you may HATE square gate but like the sanwa stick itself.

i got both at home
this one
and this one

I prefer Sanwa now.

With happ, I just cannot get confortable with it anymore.

I would recommend Happ if you live outside of Japan, unless you play at a Japanese mall or something. I play on an HRAP usually, and when I go to arcades I can barely do standing 360s because I’m not used to the sticks anymore.

HAPPs are very stiff and 360 degree motions are very very smooth.

Sanwas are very loose and the restrictor plates are much more noticable.

Seimitsus are sort of in between, stiffer than Sanwas but not as smooth as HAPPs.

If you live in an American city that has arcades people actually go to, get a Happ stick because it’s probably what your arcade machines have. People use Japanese sticks in every other place I’ve ever played in and even in some arcades in the US, and most of the Japenese sticks I’ve seen have been Sanwas. It’s still smart to learn how to use Japanese sticks even if your local area only has Happs, because if you travel anywhere, there’s a good chance that that’s what you’ll be using.

I thought Japanese arcades used Seimitsu for 2d fighters and Sanwa for 3d… is that wrong?