I often see people referring to aracde sticks by these names? Is this the type of stick that is used? I don’t have an eye for detail and I can’t really see the difference.

have you ever pushed a happ button compared to a sanwa button?

have you ever played with a happ competition stick compared to a sanwa stick?

I’ve never asked someone what kind of stick it was when I played with one. Before today I wasn’t aware there were different kinds of sticks and buttons. But I guess what you’re saying is that the only difference is that it’s just the feel of them. :arazz:

yes :lovin:

Happ and sanwa are the two companies that produce the parts used in ‘top’ quality sticks. Happ makes the US style parts and Sanwa makes the Japanese style parts. Seimetsu is largely considered on sanwa’s level (at least here), but the name is harder to type, and they haven’t been known for as long.

The parts are totally different, so it’s easy to see happ vs sanwa, sometimes people like hori(jpn) and nuby or xarcade(US SF stick) use clones of these products to reduce costs on some models of their joysticks. The are harder to see at first, but when you use them you can tell quickly if they are the real thing.

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