Happ Spring

Can I use a happ spring in a Sanwa stick? I haven’t tried but I plan to do it for a buddy for his birthday as a surprise. He wants a happ stick but they don’t fit in a TE stick. He has no idea I’m doing this, so just doing some research. Couldn’t find any videos about the subject. Any info would be cool.

im not sure about the happ spring in a sanwa , but i do recall you could put a happ stick in a TE with some modification. Just can’t find a link :confused:

No, they are not even close to being the same size. What you want is an LS-55 spring. It gives the Sanwa JLF the perfect amount of tension for a Happ player.


How does the LS-55 Spring compare to the LS-56 Spring? Just curious as to which one would be better to put into an LS-32 if I want that happ feel.