Happ springs

I switched out the heavy spring in my p360 to a light (standard) one from Lizard Lick (great prices btw), but it’s toooooo light. My exe is actually better on this but it feels a bit too weird.

Soooo I wanted to know if there was an in-between spring I can get? Like, without buying a comp stick or anything (though they are cheap). Plus I assumed this light one is what comes with comps. Can I just get a generic tension spring from a hardware store maybe? If so, what guage should I get? Or should I try cutting my old heavy spring?

Las but not least, has anyone tried this? [media=youtube]PE0CfSJhp2w[/media]

If I do this, how long should I burn it for, and how does a burnt heavy spring compare to the light one? I don’t wanna make it that light.

I too prefer a looser/lighter spring in my (competition)stick, but also came to the conclusion that the light spring sold on lizardlick might be what the comps normally come with anyway. So thats out.

In the end i just swapped out one from an older competition stick i had, thats spring had gotten looser over time, and put it into my new/current stick to use.

There might be a way for you to loosen it up yourself easily, but i wouldn’t know how to do that. I do vaguely remember a thread on here where someone was describing how to loosen it yourself though, so perhaps someone else here can help.