Happ stick for PC/PS3

This is a stick I’ve had gathering dust for a long time. Red Octane case (the ones that DID NOT come with that crappy plexi cover; way nicer that way IMHO) Competition stick, Happ competition buttons. Play buttons (colored) are convex, while the Start button and black buttons (one on each side) are concave. Ignore the cable coming out of it, I’ll be swapping the PCB out for one of my little boards for PC and PS3 (including working backwards compatability.) which includes a sweet purple USB cable. Since I haven’t done the swap, I can make the buttons be whatever buttons you want, so let me know which ones you want as start, select, the PSX button (optional; I can make start+select be the PSX button) and everything. The wear and tear is how you see in the pictures: slight curling of the paper on the top panel left and left lower corner. I think I have only four of the six possible bottom screws, and I thing a couple or more of the holes the screws go into may be stripped; its screwed into MDF, whaddya expect? There is also a spot for an Xbox1 communicator in the front, but that obviously wont be working. $120 + shipping (same size stick was $15 to ship via USPS last time I sent one. Paypal $20 and I’ll refund the diff)

I am very open to trades towards it, including good condition GBA SP or Micro, Disgaea 2 for PS2, Phantom Brave for PS2, Killer7 for GC, broken/non-working Sanwa Flashes, the PCB from a Wii fighting stick, Wavebird(s) (I need 2), any CPS2 games, MVS carts I dont have already, console systems that are not yet fully supported by the UPCB (TG16, Jaguar), and probably tons of other random crap I just haven’t thought of, so don’t be afraid to speak up; if its game related, esoteric and weird, I might just be looking for it. If you’re offering to trade something towards it, go ahead and post in this thread; wading through PMs sucks.