Happ Stick Problem

Ok my SFAE stick has a happ stick in it and theres a problem. When I push on UpRight it seems to get stuck half way to UpRight. I’m not sure if it was like that before since I purchased it used but I dont think I noticed it before. So if you know what the problem is or have any suggestions let me know.

Are you saying the stick itself is physically stuck in the up-right direction or it’s stuck registering up-right?

Physically. Technically its doesn’t get stuck more of a jam. It will go half way and then jam until I add some extra force to it.

Should probably replace it with an iL Eurostick.


You could try opening up the microswitch and see what’s causing it.

Though you’d be much better off with an iL.

Try reseating the spring. It may be hung up on something. But as most said, replacing it is quick, easy and cheap

you mean your baolian happ knock off? definitely agree with the IL Euro replacement.

It’s probably a spring problem. A microswitch wouldn’t cause it to get stuck like that.

If it’s used, I’d probably just opt to switch it out with a new iL competition stick.

Alright guys thanks for the help. Looks like getting an IL is the best option.

Finally used an iL for the 1st time tonight (well, since back in the day at the arcades growing up that is) & it’s pretty cool. Of course, I haven’t used newer Happ comp sticks so can’t compare to that. What buttons do you have in your SFAE? I’ve got Happ comps & I think I wanna unload them for iL translucent concaves if you wanna buy them.

Allright all you IL elitists. :slight_smile:

I just replaced the Happ Competition in my SFAE stick with a IL Eurojoystick, and the joystick has the same “jam” issue as above. I’ve tried swapping between the Happ and IL joystick, actuator, and even the spring, and the issue still exists. I’m stumped. Send the piece of crap back to Lizardlick for a replacment? Only thing I haven’t checked is the switches, but this doesn’t seem switch related, more like a design flaw in the IL joystick housing.

i thought that these sticks came with happ knockoffs, but apparently some of them came with happ parts, how does one tell the difference between the two??

Pictures. The only sticks that were shipped with Happ parts came directly from the vendor’s website. If you bought it used from eBay etc there’s very little chance it came with Happ parts. If the owner did it they would more than likely advertise the fact during the sale.