Happ Sticks on Ebay


Anyone ever buy any sticks from this seller that can give some feedback on quality?



they look really nice. all of em. and his feedback on ebay is 100%. looks like good stuff. be nice to hear from someone whos bought one though.

If you like American style sticks those look pretty solid. If you’re gonna buy though I’d ask to see a picture of the inside wiring to make sure it’s not a mess.

Who cares if its a mess or not? How often do you look at the inside of your stick?

I bought a stick from that seller. I recieved it in 3 days he is a good seller. I got the white box with black buttons/stick. Im very happy witht the stick and the extra usb connection is nice to charge up my wireless mic. I have not looked at the wiring inside.

I’ve actually messaged that guy a while ago, probably like a month before SF4 release, to ask if he uses a square gate (Japanese Style) or Octagonal gate (American Style), and a couple of other technical questions.

His reply was he uses only American parts, nothing Japanese. While I assume that meant he uses the octagonal gate, he could’ve been a bit more technical in answering some of my questions, especially if he’s the one making the sticks. I would just suggest to send him a message and see how you feel about his response.

I dunno, I just didn’t feel completely confident ordering from him, but he does have decent reviews. So it was probably just me. Just sayin

EDIT: The above post is a good testimonial, so maybe ignore what I said =)

Well gates only really apply to Japanese parts.

He uses only Happ stuff I believe which I guess you can similarly refer to as octoganal but it’s not really referenced as such.

I do. Many other people do as well.

If something breaks and needs to be changed it’s much more easier to re-wire if the wiring is nice and neat. Not to mention it’s something you pay a lot of money for so I expect everything to be quality.

the LCD screen is pretty cool.

Or we can ignore what you said because you don’t understand how gates work. :wink:

if I wasn’t already up to my ears in modding my HRAP, I’d probably jump on one of these… they look nice and I love the Happ feel…

plus they are in stock!!! lol

Send…help…can’t stop laughing at USB fan. Going to…die…

hey… some matches get really heated… :rofl:

received my ps3/pc stick from him today. ive been using it for a few hours and its a solid, good quality stick. very responsive and sturdy. received it in 3 days exactly and the packaging was great. plus, the guy even throws in a 2 yr warranty. he’ll repair/replace parts free of charge. I highly recommend for anyone that likes Happ or is basically looking for a decent stick seeing as theyre sold out just about everywhere.

dam that nigga pimped his shit out wit a tv screen ahahah

I purchased a stick from him and could not be happier, good quality and works flawless. I even opened mine up to see. Its using a GS/Madcatz pad with a common ground. All wiring is well soldered and laid out good. The pad is mounted to the bottom panel, so be careful not to pull wires when removing it.

I picked up a box from this seller couple hours ago. Great seller and I couldn’t be happier. I bought a blank with 8 button layout similar to the SE/TE madcatz sticks. He even drilled a 3rd hole per my request on the spot so I can use it for my LIVE button lol. Comes with plexi, rubber bottoms and very sturdy. Just waiting on my sanwa jlf and buttons to come in. :3



Dont want to burst your bubble, but if you want to use a Sanwa or any Japanese stick the case has to be routed out to fit. Route the top, i would be easier IMO plus stronger than bottom mount. I measured mine Top panel=1/2 inch MDF and 1/4 plexi. Total thickness 3/4 inch.

Not a problem. I’m still waiting on my parts and robust is kind enough to route the joystick and buttons for me when they come in.