Happ Super 8 still considered best joystick for an arcade cabinet?


I just recently purchased an arcade machine and was curioius as to what is considered the best joystick on the market right now? From my research, it seems the Happ Super 8 (Microswitch stick) is the best on the market for fighting games. Is this still true to this day? If not can someone point me in the right direction or at least give me some options? I looked at sanwa parts but after hearing about the longer throw, and not finding many with an eliptical style stick, I’m not to interested in them.

Also, Looking into buttons any suggestions about those since I have I thread rolling now :slight_smile: .

As of the moment I dont know if my machine will really need any new parts, the seller gaurantees the machine is in solid working condition so this will probably be just a matter of preferance to me. Also concerned that maybe the sticks aren’t up to par with my standards, thus I’ll need to get new ones :slight_smile: .

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated, as well as a location to maybe get the cheapest parts. Thanks tons!


The preference for fighting games now is the Competition stick and buttons. The actuator used in them makes hitting diaganols more consistant than using a Super. The throw is a bit longer than a Super, but not as much as a Sanwa will be.

Competition buttons are preferred over the concave buttons, ie. Ultimates, because they are easier on your fingers after long periods of play and are alot easier and faster to press. Hope that helps.


Well really its all preference. I personally myself love 360s for marvel, and if not 360s then ultimates. Everyone else i know hates ultimates but I like em a lot. I like competition sticks too just not for marvel. I like those for all other fighters like 3S and HF and what not. Overall the Comp stick is the best american stick aside from the 360s imo from what i read on this forum and other forums. If you prefer jap sticks sanwa and seimitsu are 2 notable brands, depending on your cab if you wanted these in there you may have to modify it, even tho you said your not in favor of this type of stick. BTW what kinda cab did u get.


Especially if you’re dashing with the buttons and not the stick. Convex buttons work a lot better for that purpose, as they are easier to hit, which cuts down a bit on timing errors.


for happ its p360 or competition

im not sure what you mean by throw you could be talking about the deadzone or engagement
sanwas are the sensitive-less-motion-equals-good-results stick and you can always just slap a bat-top on it


I bought a UMK3 machine :slight_smile:

Thanks tons for the replys… any locations where I can buy these parts for cheap?


From what I have been told, is that the throw on them is longer. I’m assuming that means a bit more movement from lock-to-lock/side-to-side. I rather have something with less movement so when I tap and the stick rebounds to center is quicker.


well yea jap sticks can go farther but usually when people play they’re not really hitting the walls since the switch is roughly half way between the wall and neutral

but yea just go with happ



I own both happ and sanwa sticks and the throw and deadzone is definitely much smaller on the sanwa stick.

A Sanwa will also snap back to the center without springing around like crazy and hittin random directions, so you can let the stick center itself instead of doing it with your hand.


Try ponyboy in the Trading forums. You can try getting them directly from Happ but their shipping is insanely expensive. Or try EBay if you want them immediately. A seller on there named tornadoterry sells a set with 2 Competition sticks and 12 Competition buttons for around $45 shipped.


Thats my BOY! Thanks for the direction!


Sorry to bring up such an old topic but in regards to sticks sold by tornadoterry at his site: http://www.tornadoterrys.com/surplus.htm

Anyone know if his competition joystick or competition base sticks are any good for beginner stick users?

I’ve tried looking for the sanwa and seimitsu sticks but everyone has them on back order and this guy seems to have stock now. Please anyone.


Ponyboy seems to have better prices than Tornadoterrys. I’d pm him and get a quote for competition sticks (iL is best). I think they’re pretty solid and will work well for beginners or experts alike.

Furthermore, that website is horribly done and is painful to look through. I’ve seen better websites in 1997.