Happ to Sanwa stick swap - difficult?



I have the below stick and would like to change the bat top for a sanwa ball top, is this difficult and can I mount it from the top, as per my current set up? Any help would be much appreciated.




i cant help you there, but can you please tell me where you got your stick?


It says ‘Arcade in a Box’ on the top.


Yes it is from Arcade in a box, if anyone wanted to make me an offer, I would sell it and buy one with a sanwa already in it? Or maybe a swop?


I’d talk to Ed from AIAB, he can probably help you get hooked up dude.


thanks fellas

and fiercebadger:
how much would you sell it for?
i would have preffered wolverine on my shit, but if your price is good, then i’ll but yours.
it is pretty.


Make me an offer mate.


what system is it for?


I’d say if you had to ask it is proably going to be difficult. Not knocking you, just that people who could easily do the work involved could quickly figure it out. The biggest problem with top mounting Jap sticks is that they have diffrent mount heights than American style sticks. You’d need to route the area where the stick mounts to build an inset from underneath as to not damage the art. You’d also need to rewire your stick connection if you were using a PCB style stick like a JLF.


Originally PS2, but has PS3 adaptor and works perfectly, I also have a USB extender lead so you can sit a good distance from the TV.


Thanks MrMojoZ, I am crap if it is not going to be an unplug and plug back it in job, so maybe the best option will be to sell it and get a new one, I will put an ad up.

Anybody have any idea on what it would be worth?


if it’s ps2, why the 3 buttons up top? start, select and ?


…and PPP in one button.


I made that art. Didn’t even know Ed was still using it…I actuall did quite a few different character silhouettes, but when he changed the AIAB site, it all disappeared… so i thought.


Is it just the top and/or shaft you want to change or is it the entire joystick itself (i.e. change from American style stick to Japanese stick, switches, gates, everything)?