Happ vs. Happ

I built a personal Fightstick out of Happ parts, using Ultimate Pushbuttons with microswitch, and an Ultimate Joystick. This, combined with my inexperience has resulted in a fission mailed abortion of a stick. I put the parts in right, but after building it, have had a huge drop in my ability. I have heard nothing but how much Ultimate joystick sucks. I have heard better things about the Competition joystick and am wondering if it is significantly better, or if I need to practice more with what I have built. Also, are their competition buttons any better, because my current Concave button setup sucks. Between money, and the idea of rebuilding/sanding/painting the actual box, I would rather not buy Japanese parts since my box already fits US parts.

Hindsight is a bitch. I bought cheap parts expecting my lack of know how to destroy them during the building process. Should have taken greater measure of my abilities.:wow:

I did search, but had trouble finding helpful info.

As cheap as Comps are compared to Japanese parts, I don’t think there is any reason to cheap out further when it comes to American parts. I love the feel of a Competition, and getting anything else is a waste.

Thats basically what I heard, but am wondering if the drop in quality between Competition and Ultimate is really that much, or I need to suck it up and get used to the stick. I guess since it is my first time using a stick I am unsure how bad is bad, if that makes any sense.

junk dat ultimate shit and hit up pony boy and get the iL eurojoystick 8 way and iL convex push buttons. those are the true competition parts, the “competition” stuff happ makes now isn’t even the real deal.


Yeah, it’s pretty much trash. Competition is leaps and bounds above it.

gamingnow.net has IL buttons and joysticks too.

Thanks. I just wanted to be truly sure the stick was the problem before I bought a new one.

I got my iL parts from ponyboy. :] they look sweet.

Make sure you get an IL Eurostick (sometimes called IL Competion). Happ used to buy the IL Eurostick and rebranded it the Happ Competion up until recently. Now Happ cheaped out and made a inferior clone made in China, went to different microswitches, the different actuator makes the stick engage feel different.

Get an IL Eurostick.

I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but the mounting holes should be identical to the Ultimate.

I would also recommend getting the Competition stick. However, if you’re coming from a pad, you shouldn’t expect to be better right away no matter what stick you have. Just work with it and you’ll get better with time.

Get Supers, those are my favorites. They are what you find in 90% of the old Big Red Neo cabinets.

i use p360’s

:china::china::china: -agreed

You’ll like the buttons much better as well, I have a few set of the same buttons as well, and after a few hours of play your fingers should not feel like that lol.

i tried ultimates and competitions in my stand up super turbo cab and i didnt notice much of a difference. i will say i like competition sticks better as the shaft is a bit fatter and i prefer that(no homo)…but other than that…they were very similar. i performed just the same on both.

Depending on how you have your stick set up you may be able to use a JLW stick in there. It’s a Japanese style stick that is supposed to be pretty good and isn’t too expensive. How thick is the wood where your joystick mounts? If it is 1/4" or less you could put a JLW in there.

i really dont use american parts at all, but ponyboy sells a good selection of IL comp products, he even carries the white comp stick.