Happ vs iL Buttons


i’ve asked in the noob thread and the happ il thread and haven’t got an answer.

from what i’ve read everyone says iL sticks are better quality than Happ, but no one talks about the buttons…

are il buttons better quality than happ?




ok. thats weird that lizardlick carries il sticks but not the buttons


keep in mind happ and other resellers still have some of the old happ parts made by iL. I ordered directly from happ a little while back when everything was closed and got all iL parts.


Don’t believe the hype.


how can you still get iL parts?


Ponyboy sells them on the trading outlet.

I just ordered from him 2 days ago. I hope they come soon :smiley:


While there are Happ comp sticks and Happ “IL” comp sticks, i’ve never actually seen IL buttons before. EVER.

I’d just assumed the buttons Happ makes are plenty good enough, so most aren’t picky about who makes it.

Inotherwords they’re both about the same so no one really cares. I figure if the quality between the two were THAT big of a difference, then places like lizardlick would be damn sure to specifically carry IL buttons as well.


anyone know a happ-mod would be possible on an SE and if so, would it be hard?


What can really be different between an iL button and a Happ button? The spring? They are both using Cherry microswitches and the exact same design. Buttons are a lot less complicated than a joystick, I doubt ANYONE would be able to tell the difference in a blind test.


Happ buttons will almost go in a SE case. A Happ/iL stick will not.


these new happ comp buttons say longer on LizardLick. Is it noticable?


Someone did one in the custom stick thread but hasn’t told anyone how yet. Try PMing him.


there’s a picture on the forums somewhere with the taller happ next to the il and the actual button part of the happ is almost twice as tall


The buttons I ordered from LIzardLick say “iL” on them. I like them…


Agreed. Thats pretty much what i was saying earlier.

Buttons are much simpler tech than a stick, kinda hard to screw them up. If IL buttons are somehow better than Happ ones, the difference is probably trivial.


Every Happ button that I’ve ever ordered has “iL” stamped on it.


I ordered an iL stick from him dirt cheap + quick to ship out. Highly recommended.


From what I understand, Happ contracted IL to make their buttons. Not sure what is up now.


I ordered a big batch of Happ Concave buttons from LL a while back to use for my MAME cabinet. All of them are branded “Suzo-Happ” which I assume is the company Happ is manufacturiing through now. The buttons work great, and just as expected.