Happy 18th bday!


…Now bend over!!!

What the hell is up with the news these days? :rofl: Forget college. Your future has been decided baby!!



It’s not like she has any reason to do this. She already has all the money she could ever want.


Who the fuck is she, anyway?

This is a rhetorical question.


I see what you did thar.

Me? I never heard of her either. I just happened to see that article while I was searching for info on the hurricane. I guess the computer was just linking potential blowjobs together…



"She looks 30 already dayummm!"
All that needs to be said.


Damn she looks like an old ass 18 year old. She must of been some crazy jailbait when she was younger.


I give her 5 years tops before she looks like a brown leather sofa.


…Or one trip to the tanning bed. :wasted: