Happy 25th Bday Street Fighter,...!



Now that that’s outta the way , Capcom you owe me some lunch money…!


I wouldn’t mind seeing an update to AE, with a few new characters and fine tuning.


I want super fierce palm back and kongos back to kick …and double Kongo should automatically fadc after exploding …game ShinSho


-back to two zones for kongo
-lower first kick on tatsu to hit mid on first and regular high on the rest.
-i know i’m asking for too much but same travel speed of ex-palm like dudley’s ex mgb.
i think that’s it for me. two fixes and one wish add-on.


I want EX fireball to come out as double fireballs in both directions. I don’t know why… I just still expect it to do that.


God that would make gouken so crazy lol shin version is already nuts