Happy 4th of July


Stay safe and party responsibly.



This is a trick, isn’t it?

Like, what happens when I click on that link? PapaR or Pozer gonna jump out, and bite me in the penis?


You just want us to survive so you can troll us tomorrow.

I’m on to you.


Right on both accounts.

What is everybody cooking?


Happy 4th of July to all the SRK mojos here!!


Made ribs with apple whiskey sauce mixed with reg sauce and Sweet and Tangy sauce, the sweet and tangy has brown sugar.

Shit was nice if I do say so myself.


Here’s a picture of a bald eagle looking majestic, it describes how patriotic I feel about my country.

That right there is the physical embodiment of Merican freedom.


Hi Americans, I hope you’re all having a very Happy Indie Day. Gods* bless!

  • multifaith for political correctness




I had some Chinese food…on Independence day… lol :smiley:

For patriotism sake heres a pic i took of an eagle at the zoo last year:

20110530-220 by Regulate007, on Flickr


You’re from the U.K so it doesn’t matter.

You are the enemy.


Actually, im from Texas bruv, but considering all the Texas leaving the Union talk, we ARE the enemy.


ID sucked for me this year. I had gotten a terrible ulcer from biting my cheek a couple days ago. Eating was torture.


Chew gum or toothpicks, I have the same problem man.


Or get yalls grills fixed…OOOOOHHH Burn!!!

Nah im just playin.


LOL that has nothing to do with tooth health.




Chewing gum helped. Thanks.


No prob man, I will admit toothpicks dry your throat out, and there is the slight possibility of choking on them.