Happy 70th Birthday Bruce Lee

"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering" - Bruce Lee

27th of November marks the 70th Birthday of the legendary martial artist, movie star, philosopher, inventor, body builder Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee died at the age of 32 but achieved much more than most people could achieve in a life time. There are so many things we take for granted today that he made possible.

If you haven’t seen it watch the History Channel documentary “How Bruce Lee Changed The World” - Dailymotion - Bruce Lee changed the world, part 1 of 3 - a People & Family video

Bruce Lee’s famous “Be like water” interview - [media=youtube]AW37eD5i24Q[/media]

Fan made tribute - [media=youtube]cKAeyUS91I8[/media]

Official Bruce Lee website - http://www.brucelee.com/
Support the Bruce Lee Foundation run by his daughter Shannon Lee - http://www.bruceleefoundation.com/

R.I.P Bruce Lee :nunchuck:

well my cousin is inspired by the lifestyle of lee so this like a national holiday to him.

I just want to say…


Great thread. Celebrate and remember.

How Bruce Lee Changed The World was a great watch

Too fast, too fierce, pretty awesome guy all around.

I remember last year the plan was to screen Enter the Dragon at EVO after the Bruce Lee thread. Good times indeed.

oh wow never heard that, that’s awesome!


Happy Birthday Lee Jun Fan, hope you have your gloves up there, to keep everyone in check :tup:

Plans form the thread. The thread was also kicking around the idea of inviting Linda Lee Caldwell because of how much Bruce Lee philosophy has been taken up by the SRK culture in general and the approach to fighting games. Don’t know if anybody made the pitch to the Cannons or not.

Chinese, so it’s Sifu! :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t find the exact quote but when Bruce Lee was alive he was asked what would he be like at 70, he said they’d be no 70 year old that could kick me around!

Meh. Bruce Lee is alright, I suppose, but the guy everybody should be remembering right now is Jeff Buckley. His birthday was on the 17th.



Ah, Bruce Lee. Pure gasoline to any MMA messageboard’s fire.

I salute you, Bruce. Anyone who can amass such a legion of diehard fanboys must have done SOMETHING right. In your case I believe it was dying in your prime that did it.

Well, that and [media=youtube]-2sTawLSNUQ"[/media]


fixed :stuck_out_tongue: I was referring to [media=youtube]sqDVsQs3lh4#t=2m53s"[/media]

for anyone that doesn’t understand what the true bruce lee is then watch [media=youtube]MMYU7g6yj-g"[/media]

that’s a small sample of what he would of done for the world if he was still alive, the earlier films were entertainment and he was going in a much more deeper route that would of given cinema a massive boost if he were still alive

it’s a nasty crime to see that people don’t understand, even a lot of fans don’t understand how much depth this guy would of brought to the world

Bruce’s grave is in Seattle if any of you fans of his are ever in town.

I remember writing about Bruce Lee back in HS for the mandatory term paper to graduate. Great man. :tup:

Best Lee flick ever: the recovered, reassembled original Game of Death footage. It’s on the Enter the Dragon Special Edition DVD.

I hear rumors that Bruce Lee only had one testicle. Even if it were true, it doesn’t make him any less of a man because… imagine the kind of damage he’d do if he had two. It was probably God’s DLC balancing patch to make life more fair to everyone else.

what was bruce lee’s favourite drink?


happy birthday bruce lee! always been a great inspiration for me. someday i’ll have to visit his grave.

in honor i am going to watch some of his flicks again today :china:

That kick at 2:36… so awesome :wow:

wow noticed something complete random, I created this thread at exactly 11.27 :wtf: