Happy B-Day Dreamcast!

Let’s tip our hats off to one of the greatest systems ever invented, the Dreamcast. Today is the Dreamcast’s 12th Birthday. One of the best systems to play fighting games on. It had anything and everything you could possibly want.

For people that have been in the scene as long as I have you know how crucial it was to own a DC. I mean for a good while that was the main console you needed for fighting games. Also, the ports for fighters on that were the closest we could get to arcade ports at the time (since they companies didn’t believe in making arcade perfect ports back then). MvC2, CvS2, 3s, ST, MotW, LB2, KOFs, JBAs, etc. The list goes on and on. Even aside from fighting games the other titles were pure gold. There were very few games on that system that I would not play these days but all in all this system was way ahead of its time.


-Tha Hindu

Long live the Dreamcast…the best console in my generation.

SA1,SA2, PS1,PS2, MVC2
Long live Dreamcast AND Saturn(two of my favorite systems)

It’s all about Power Stone baby.

Grandia II, Skies of Arcadia, Soul Calibur, the only decent Marvel 2 on console, Shenmue etc etc. You died before your time was up.

Exactly what Lemres said. Happy motherfuckin’ birthday dreamcast!


fucking wanna play psychic force 2012 now PUT THAT SHIT ON XBLA NOW :frowning:

I own all of those.

If your a fan of fighters, this system is the best. Was just playing Virtual On today.
Let’s see the list:
Plasma Sword
Alpha 3
3rd Strike
Tech Romancer
Rival Schools
Vampire Savior Chronicles
The list goes on…
Simply put: BEST CONSOLE EVAH!!! HAPPY BDAY HONEYBUN!! :slight_smile:

lol who owned a dreamcast back in the day…

It’s nice to say that dreamcast is ahead of its time and whatnot, but most of yall niggas didn’t buy one and whoever did pirated all the games…

The born-day that nobody attended imo…

speak for yourself cornholio. i bought one once i saw soul calibur in eb games. I was waiting for dolphin (oops) until I saw shit on the dreamcast and then i was sold. shit was nuts. PSO was so ahead of its time. first like 4 months playing online so many of the games were japanese and you’d just be chillin alongside like lvl 44 guys with tricked out mags and sick gear. usin the set phrases that translate and shit. was soooo fucking cool.

Well, I had (and still have 2 consoles). One was for the boys and the other for the girls. Now I own both. I have all my original games, but not gonna lie I use the isos to CDRs moreso. That way, I don’t have to worry about my originals being broken.

Speaking of ISOs, they have a NES game collection for the Dreamcast. Most of the games play perfectky. Super Ghouls & Goblins is addicting lol

Edit: I should add that I started pirating ISOs in 2010.

Pro tip: JP release of MvC2 and CvS2 had online play. This was waaaaay back in 2000-01 :slight_smile:

i was a kid. i didn’t know shit out pirated stuff expect that it involves pirates

I had 3 pirated games for the Dreamcast all because I could not find them. 3S, Virtual On and Ikaruga that was it. The rest were legitimately bought titles.

No DC gaming for me this day, though I want to play some more MSR.

Happy Birthday to Sega’s last hurrah! (console speaking anyway)

I didn’t own one, but at least most of the good games got ported (Third Strike to PS2, Grandia II to PS2 and PC, MvC2 on PS2, Skies of Arcadia to GC, Capcom vs. SNK 2 to PS2, Shenmue 2 to Xbox). It’s too bad we never got decent ports of CvS1, MvC1, Jojo’s, SF3 versions 1 & 2, Project Justice, or Power Stone 1 & 2 on any other system.

September 9 is also the same day the PS1 came out in North America (1995) and when FFVIII was released in the US (same day as the DC on 9/9/99).

I’ll admit that I had some stuff pirated but everything I liked, I bought. I purchased the DC along with CvS1 which was like a year after the DC came out. Like a week or two after that I went and picked up MvC2. The list just rolls on from there. I did have boots off all the fighters but only so that I could keep my originals safe and intact.

Also, who remembers Cannon Spike? That game so soooo fuckin’ good. Still got my copy… somewhere…

-Tha Hindu

I have quite a few burnt games. I actually had to buy my burnt DC games at first (I was only on dial-up and found a site distributing them) but eventually got into it myself.

I’ve got no problem with real copies, though (I stumbled on Metropolis Street Racer in a Goodwill and lapped it up right away).

OMG me and my sis were playing that yesterday. Best DC 4-player game would have to be “Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand”. It’s the only game that I’ve played almost as much as MvC2.

Spaaaaaaaaaaawn! My brothers and I played the living hell out of that game. If only there was a way to play that broken pile of awesomeness online.