Happy B-Day Dreamcast!

Best death in the game was The Curse: “hallelujahhh!!” lmao Grace/Twitch all day.

Seriously Capcom, why haven’t you released PS1&PS2mashup HD on Xboxlive, it would be the greatest multiplayer game ever created, I would never by another CoD game if this was ever released, i’d probably forget to eat aswell.

Only way to get Capcom to notice is if we get Power Stone1 into EVO. Even if it’s just casuals!

Just bought one last year. This thing kicks ass.

This system was on another level. PSO, Jet Set radio, Space Channel 5, Samba De Amigo, it had games you wanted to play again.

Phantasy Star Online was great, untill somebody stole my needler. Then it became a hacking fest.

I still have about 30 of my dreamcast games.

The lack of Chu Chu Rockets hurts my heart. Chu Chu Rockets is the truth; similarly to the first time I saw the whale on Sonic Adventures. Me = :wow:

ai. I still wish they release Shenmue as an XBL game and then went ahead and finished the storyline via DLC. Last I remember…I was on a boat chasing down the Pau’s dad from Virtual Fighter.

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I’ve gone thru ?three? consoles…someone at one of my ‘gatherings’ blew that shit out with his shitty ass custom controller and never replaced the shit. And I bought my shit - until it became apparent that some shit (Shenmue 2) wasn’t coming to the states or I couldn’t find it (I needed a second copy of MArvel2 and had to burn as a hard copy was difficult to find - samething for CvS2. I still have DC games I’ve PURCHASED that I havne’t played heh.

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That game was awesome.

Fuck Goku’s powerball thrown’ ass.
Pete 4tw

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I got Chu Chu Rocket for the iPad & iPhone. The plus is they’ve actually been updating it with new puzzles :grin:
can’t speak for android, but its a good look for iOS owners. I’m finding that most of the good titles have slowly found there way elsewhere. I got CvS2 on PS2 now, MvC2 hit XBL as has SF3:3S, SC came out ‘somewhere’ don’t remember though. Ivy got stances in SC2 - so SC1 was replaced as far as I’m concerned.

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I still have 2 dreamcasts and about 20 games. Still my favorite system of all time and I’ve been gaming since the atari 2600.

yeah my DC ran me $200 and i bought mvc2 with it, then proceeded to buy like 20+ titles for it. the only things that got play on my DC that i didn’t buy were just emulators for NES and atari. but i owned both of those systems so i don’t really feel bad about it.

Long life to the DC, i used to have 1 back in the day, it was and still is amazing.

I used to have 3 DCs. One at my mom’s house, one at my dad’s house, and one in my car. I had like 3 monitors in my car as well: one that was the head unit, and 2 on the back of the head rests. It was great for when going to tournaments, everyone would play and have a blast. 4 hour drives to evo never passed by so quick :). I think I still have all 3 now. If not I have at least 1.

-Tha Hindu

Best system of all time. LOL I remember you from the old days. You used to play runaway Cable with Blackheart assist.

bought Japanese Dreamcast with mvc1 for like 300 I think!! :eek:

happy birthday DC :party:

I remember KB Toys selling the system for like 50 bucks…needless to say my D-Block peeps hoped into a 94 Sentra and copped one…why did we have 5 DC on one floor in college is beyond me…


Right next to the CRT TV and the Microwave

I bought 4 and my dad broke all of them each time they would arrive. He literally punched them when I went to school and when I came home there was like a hole in the Dreamcast / fist imprint through the middle. I didn’t even get to play them once. That’s one of the reasons why I was an arcade only player and why I could never play sitting down aka consoles.

i own 3 dreamcasts sir. and i did pirate most of my games.

I bought one of the original systems (Japanese launch) so mine is now about 13 years old and works perfectly. I still have the 1 of 500 Project Berkley discs (before Shenmue was called Shenmue). I smile every time I look at that, but I 1000000000% am with you that it hurts to see sooo many people now claiming the Dreamcast to be the greatest system ever (it is), when they couldn’t cared less about it back in the day…despite having never played it before. (no fingers at anyone here)

I still remember going to the US launch even though I already had it for a long time, my biggest reason for going besides it was HUGELY awesome to me…VMU’s were super scarce when it first came out…so when we wanted to unlock anything in Psychic Force 2012, we had to leave the system on for days…the minute you turn it off…it’s all gone lol.

Thankfully VF3 didn’t matter if you had save data. LMAO I remember it doesn’t even have a VS mode in the game, it was a 100% arcade port. Great times man…great times.

I never did any pirating (made me sad it got screwed like that), everything is original (heck many games I own the original JP version and then bought the US version too). I did used to have a website for when the system was on it’s way to the US so that people could learn how to play games from other regions on their system without any ProAction replay or stuff like that.

I still remember sweating bullets the first day I decided to break open my baby to find out how it ticked, the swaptrick was pretty easy to figure out too.

Long live the greatest game system every made! (Saturn was my favorite until Dreamcast…and I’ve still got my Saturn sitting right next to me too haha)


(if Sega ever somehow made another system I’d preorder immediately regardless of cost, because after those two systems you can absolutely consider me a hardcore Sega fan for life)

Thank you to Toodles and his “TDC Final v2” disc for the very best console port of Super Turbo.

I’ve started running local tournaments using it, and the players (myself included) have been really happy with this version.

I’ve heard a few other groups/cities use it as well.

time to dust off my dreamcasts and stacks off cd-rs.