Happy B-Day to MChibi: Teh God of Loli! ^_^

but seriously, happy b-day you old dog!

here’s a present:

OH WOW< Happy Birthday Master Chibi :lovin:

I’ll have to get MC a present now too . . .his assholery inspired me to improve…

happy bday MC

hope you get t3h b00bies

wtf shatta, give me those butt pix i asked for a while back, get that loli shit out of here already

Thanks everyone :D!

^lol, i lost 'em.

how do you lose porn?


Happy Bubz-Day, Chibi~!

you…consider that porn?!


well, i still got the av’s i was gonna use for team B.O.A. that i never finished. you still want those?

Hu-ha. . . .

Think I’m seriously gonna av this one:

even got music for ya. . . .

Woah, happy B-day Chibi. Hope you get lots of Bubz.

ok, i’ll take that back. the only one i got left is this one:

the rest were takin’ up too much room. sorry, Chibels.

Happy B-Day Chibi.

Keep teh bubz love strong chibz!

I heard lolis.


happy birthday dood

arent you lik e 40 now

w/e happy birthday maybe ill draw somethin

happy birfday MC

happy b-dizzle chibbs

happy b-day mang.