Happy B-Day to MChibi: Teh God of Loli! ^_^

Happy Birthday:party:

lol thread title

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday.

Lol my b-day wasn’t too long ago.

But anyway, happy birthday. :slight_smile:


Happy boobs-day chibi! Don’t let them get you down with that loli shit.

btw that little girl in your av is too pimp.

Sorry I missed your b-day, Chibs. I was out of town this weekend.

I hope this makes it up to you:



Same here, happy late b-day MC :tup:

Thanks everyone.

@ Quiche:

I can’t believe you’re ragging on me too man, I mean seriously dislike loli-shit.


:tup: Happy Birthday Chibi, I’ll counter the Loli for you:


:razzy: I wasn’t around this weekend either… dood.

that was great.

what’s a loli?