Happy B Day to me

I am the greatest, you mad. Also LOL Raptors and someone send Boel some hair for Christmas.

Time to start drinking son.

How old are you? and Strippers and Cocaine?

32 and do you have to have Cocaine with Strippers?

Yo happy bday brougham. Make sure you get your balls licked tonight.

but— that goes hand and hand, yo!

that’s like asking for Ramen without salt.


Excuse Kwan Do.

lets get hookers and icecream!

Holy shit what!?

Also happy B-day

Lol yeah Cod thread wasn’t kidding when the said I was OS.


Happy Birthday main…


LOL Sonics. Nah I’m Kidding. Happy birthday dude.

I’ll send you robert bowling toilet paper so you can shit on his face :lol: seriously, happy B-day man. Go get some drinks and girls!

Yes I know it was yesterday but I can still say happy B-day!

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Happy birthday hateful generic white guy! Also fuck yo hori stick =P.

Fuck strippers and coke it’s all about dat punch and cake:party:

i was gonna insert the birthday smilie here, but i couldn’t find the lil bastard so…

happy birthday brother.



Happy birthday, man; may your alcohol taste great, and your strippers have large breasts and asses.

oh damn, jae sorry nobody made you a birthday thread and you had to make your own, pretty much the biggest faux pas ever

He’s so old we forgot he was still alive.

Late but Happy Birthday.