Happy B-day Tony B

Happy B-Day and Best wishes to my hero and yours= Tony B. aka Barnage aka T-Rex aka Black Ino aka king of Ct

happy b-day my nigga

white girl slayer!!! happy bday kid u no how we do

Son, happy bday meng. see u at the next SSN. Hate just got stronger.

happy bday tony
dont rock that cradle to hard tonight


my hero

Happy Birthday! get that rum cake, without the cake…

Have a good one, Tony.


Happy birthday Tony - I can 100% that goddamn Jagi now.

one of the nicest dudes on the ec

happy birthday hombre

happy bday man thx for ur support as always

one of the means mof’ you’ll ever run into:rofl:

thx. all u guys are great man and some of the best gamers i kno. you are the kind of ppl that make b days good

happy bday bro

Didn’t see this til now. Happy belated bday.

Damn im late too

My Bad

Happy Belated B-Day Tony

Hope it was fun man. :party:

damn nigga got a thread rating and shit to good man lol

Nobody else who hates Third Strike as much as you do would ever play it with me hours on end. Thank you sir. Next stop: Super Turbo!

shit im late as well happy bday dog